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Continuing Education

Reach new creative + professional heights in two ways:

  1. ENRICHMENT COURSES - Credit + Non-Credit course options that boost your life, your work and your expression.
  2. CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS - A series of credit courses certify you in the area of your choice.
Summer 2018 Brochure


    • Teaching Artist Symposium banner

Teaching Artist Symposium: Building Your Toolkit

Teaching Artist Symposium: Building Your Toolkit   Saturday, June 23, 2018 The University of the Arts Campus, Terra Hall (211 S.Broad Street, Philadelphia PA 19102) $25 for full day of activities,…
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    • Jeffrey Stockbridge

Jeffrey Stockbridge: Kensington Blues

Photographer Jeffrey Stockbridge has been documenting the opioid crisis in the neighborhood of Kensington in North Philadelphia for the past 10 years. Kensington Blues, self-published in 2017, pairs large-format color photographs…
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    • Clay Williams

Food Photographer + Blogger Clay Williams

Clay Williams is a Brooklyn-based photographer specializing in food, drinks and events. He shoots assignments for The New York Times, The James Beard Foundation and Edible Brooklyn. You can find more…
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