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CE Certificate Application Form

Communication + Web Design

    • CE 017
 Why You Should Participate in the Communication + Web Design Certificate:

  • You want to have a solid understanding of the practical applications of design principles.
  • You want to become fluent in or refine your understanding of the Adobe Creative Suite design software.
  • You want a marketable and flexible skill set for a career in either print and/or digital media.
  • You want to explore personal aesthetic sensibilities.
  • You want to build strong print and/or web portfolios. 

Required Courses


Students must first complete all requirements of the Communication Design Essentials Certificate. Then, students complete all the requirements of the Web Design Essentials Certificate.*

  • Capstone Project - Communication + Web Design Certificate
Final Course
Total Minimum Required:                               30.0        10 courses

* For those not proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, up to 6.0 additional credits may be required beyond the 30 total required credits.