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CE Certificate Application Form

Digital Photography

    • CE 026
Why You Should Participate in the Digital Photography Certificate:

  • You want to explore fine art photography, portraiture, documentary, commercial and other genres of photography as a hobby or future career.
  • You want to possess the technical skills to shoot, manipulate and print photographs using digital technology.
  • You want to participate in courses that emphasize camera techniques, lighting methods and use of computer software for modifying and printing digital files.
  • You want to exhibit your work as part of your Capstone Project. 

Click to view the SLR Camera Recommendations PDF

SLR Camera Recommendations PDF

Required Courses

  • Digital Photography I
Must be taken as first course.
  • Digital Media for Photographers - Lightroom
  • Digital Photography II
  • Creative Digital Editing for Photographers - Photoshop
  • Studio Photography

Select 6 elective credits; photo electives may include:

  • Advanced Camera Techniques
  • Advanced Digital Editing - Photoshop

This course provides an in-depth exploration of using Abode Photoshop to pursue more advanced photo-editing techniques, specifically for photographers to create more complex works. print output is the student's responsibility; the University's Imaging Lab is available for output. Prerequisite: Digital Photography I and Digital Media for Photographers Photoshop or equivalent experience.

  • Experimental Photography
  • Night + Low Light Photography

This course provides the technical background necessary for versatile shooting in lowlight environments. For both beginner and advanced photographers, the objective is to develop your understanding of how to properly determine exposures and create visually compelling photographs under various degrees of available light. Working in exterior and interior locations with both natural and artificial light sources, you will create a body of nocturnal images. The course consists of approximately 20 percent lecture and presentations, 60 percent shooting on location and 20 percent critique. Students must work in digital format. Prerequisite: Digital Photography II or equivalent experience.

  • Photographic Trends

This courses provides an overview of significant photographers and their work in the history of the medium, including technical developments and their impact. In addition, you will shoot images in a range of styles and subject areas based on trends discussed in class. You will gain an understanding of major visual and aesthetic trends in the development of photography and the larger context in which photography has developed. This course provides a broad context to the impact of this medium and allows for related studio work to better understand the changes that have informed photography today. Prerequisite: Digital Photography II or equivalent experience.

  • Photojournalism/Documentary Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Street Photography
  • Travel Photography

This course is ideal for those who like to travel with a camera, and who like to think of travel as a time primarily to photograph. Course examines the work of some of the great travel photographers and how to take great photos on location under any shooting situation. Class time is mostly spent out in the field, photographing Philadelphia locations.

   Required Courses:

  • Business of Photography
  • Capstone Project - Digital Photography
Final course
Total Required                                               18.5       6 courses + 1 Saturday workshop

Digital Photography certificate students are required to own a digital SLR camera for use during the program.