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Capstone Project - Communication + Web Design Certificate
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CE 0007C 01 Capstone Project - Communication + Web Design Certificate

CE 0007C 01

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David Chaplin-Loebell



Summer 2017

  • (Jun. 5 to Aug. 7)
  • Mon 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • 3.00 Credits
  • 3.00 Credits
  • Tuition: $875 / Fees: $40
Focus on expanding your design skills and refining your problem-solving abilities through advanced application of the design process. Work on a project, producing graphics and a website for a real-world client of your selection. Manage print design pieces from concept to completion, creating a logo, brochure and package design. Develop and build a website that complements and enhances your print media. You are expected to possess the necessary skills and knowledge required to successfully complete the Capstone Project, and you must arrive at the first class session having identified a client for your project. This course concludes with a formal presentation to a panel of instructors and students. Prerequisite: This class is for Communication Design + Web Certificate enrollees only; successful completion of all prerequisite classes is mandatory.

Course Overview

This course is the final course in the Communication + Web Design Certificate Certificate Program. You will be preparing a body of work that represents your focus and is suitable for a real-world client. You will also prepare a contract, professional resume, and a short bio that will accompany your final project.

What will you learn in this course?

At the end of this course, you will have planned, designed, and built a successful website that addresses the needs of the client you have selected. This website site should be dynamic (either utilizing a CMS or PHP for dynamically loading content), advanced mark-up (html), advanced css styling, and should utilize javascript or jquery for interactive elements.
Additionally, you will have also planned print collateral supporting your web based project in Adobe CS.
Also, at the end of this course, you should understand proper communication with clients and project management skills.

What will you do in class?

  • Identifying a client and preparing a contact for services
  • Work with the client to create a strategy for the project
  • Create basic site structure & style using wireframes, information architecture, and moodboards
  • Design a website for the client that meets their needs and goals
  • Create print collateral to support web site
  • Create a dynamic website based on approved designs
  • Delivery of website to the client for review and for staging
  • Create a case study for the project that outlines how you helped the client achieve their goals
  • Create a professional resume and bio


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Text editor of your choice (Coda, BBEdit, Text Wrangler)