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Prints + Books: A Crash Course
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CE 5103N 01 Prints + Books: A Crash Course

CE 5103N 01

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Susan White



Spring 2017

  • (Mar. 16 to Apr. 13)
  • Thu 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • 0.00 Credits
  • 0.00 Credits
  • Tuition: $275 / Fees: $50
Freedom of the press no longer belongs only to those who own one! This course will cover experimental, low-tech printmaking methods, most of which will not require a press. Each week we will learn a new print technique combined with simple book structures that can be used in endless combinations.

What will you learn in this course?

In this hands-on course, students will learn several basic bookbinding structures including accordion, single section pamphlet, simple pop-up structures and interactive structures like the hexaflexagon and the flip book. Some basic printmaking techniques will also be covered including xerox transfer, collagraph, intaglio and lo-tech lithography using pronto plates.

What will you do in class?

Demonstrations and studio work time.

Supplies + Equipment

All basic supplies are provided; the instructor will also make suggestions of materials that you can bring to supplement your projects.

Pronto Plate Printed Origami Zines

Pronto Plate Printed Origami Zines