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Screenwriting - Developing Your Script
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CE 1902N 01 Screenwriting - Developing Your Script

CE 1902N 01

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David Greenberg



Spring 2017

  • (Mar. 15 to Apr. 12)
  • Wed 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • 0.00 Credits
  • 0.00 Credits
  • Tuition: $225 / Fees: $15
No matter what stage you're in, this course uses the workshop approach to help you ignite a new screenplay, make significant headway on one already in progress or finish a first-draft script. The overall goal is to make sure you have a strong movie premise, a clear genre, a treatment that tells the story well, an outline built on an exciting scene-by-scene sequence structure and a script that can be produced. Sessions include structural breakdowns of feature films, discussion of assigned readings, application of screenwriting techniques and pertinent exercises. You should be prepared to pitch your screenplay on the first night of class. The course may be repeated until a first-draft screenplay is completed.

What will you learn in this course?

  • identify beats in a story and create a beat sheet
  • adapt dramatic beats into story
  • outline scenes
  • understand the function of a sequence and build one
  • build a character arc into a story
  • integrate a ‘B’ story into an ‘A’ story
  • write well-structured scenes w/appropriate description & dialogue appropriate to a character and situation
  • revise written work
What will you do in class?
Readings + Responses
Written Assignments
Critiques will be both in person and through email with the faculty
What topics will be covered?
This course allows you, the budding screenwriter to begin at the beginning and develop a feature film idea into a story treatment with complete beat sheets, character bios, an outline, and a first draft screenplay at a professional, industry-standard level. It also allows the screenwriter who is in the midst of creating an outline to complete the outline and continue to the next stage of script development.
Suggested readings or links to other content
A feature-length script might be supplied for study and analysis.