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CE 2222C 01 Web Design I

CE 2222C 01

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Spring 2017

  • (Jan. 31 to Apr. 13)
  • Tue, Thu 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • 4.00 Credits
  • 4.00 Credits
  • Tuition: $1250 / Fees: $40
This course offers a high-level overview of the web as a design medium, an introduction to web graphics, and an introduction to HTML and CSS. Students will begin to explore the web as a design medium through discussions, readings, explanations and a hands-on approach. Begin to build skills in the tools and languages used on the web; process images for use on the web; learn the roles of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Explore the importance of a multi-platform, multi-screen approach to web design, learn current development best practices, and develop thoughtful user interface, user experience and information architecture for a website.

Limited seats availalble for the non-credit section of this course.  Certificate applicants will be permitted to register for the credit section of this course upon acceptance to the program.  Staff will be available beginning January 3, 2017 to address program inquiries.

What will you learn in this course?

Students will be able to:

  • Analyze and critique the design of existing websites
  • Differentiate between background and foreground images, identify the types of images for the web and what types are appropriate for different functions
  • Perform basic image-processing functions such as scaling, cropping, setting transparency and alpha channels
  • Create and use a wireframe, sitemap, and scope document for a website design Identify client outcomes, target audiences, and critical actions needed in a successful website
  • Create a file structure that will support a scalable website
  • Understand the various platforms, devices, and browsers that display websites
  • Use HTML to create the structure of a web page
  • Use CSS selectors and properties to style a web page; demonstrate an understanding of CSS layout and positioning (static, absolute, and relative positioning, floats, the box models)
  • Use basic responsive design techniques
  • Apply basic usability and accessibility principles to web design
  • Successfully host a website on its own domain

What will you do in class?

Tuesday nights you will have presentations, demonstrations and in class work time. Thursdays nights will include 8 online sessions with the instructor for guided work time and presentations. Additionally, you will meet on campus for two Thursday night sessions for a guest speaker and final presentation.

What topics will be covered?

  • Wireframe(s), sitemap(s), scope document(s), mood board, and style guide for a website
  • Presentation and critique of a website plan, including high-fidelity mockups.
  • A complete functional web site using well-formed, hand-coded HTML and CSS, appropriate images and typography, well-thought out UI and information architecture, hosted on the web with its own domain.