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Continuing Education's New Spring Salon Series


Join us for an inspiring new UARTS spring workshop series designed to ignite creativity, critical conversation and camaraderie among art-inclined adults.  

Choose one of our four workshop experiences and spend four consecutive Thursday evenings alongside esteemed University faculty and Spring Salon Studio Series peers.  

Sessions are held in our Center City studio location, led by an instructor who guides your chosen experience via demonstrations and hands-on practice. Small class sizes ensure individual attention, and weekly salon intermissions encourage discussion across workshops.

Each three-hour, Thursday night session includes lessons in your chosen discipline, built-in salon time with refreshments and conversation. Hear inspiring, informative presentations from guest speakers, including JENNIE HIRSH, EILEEN TOGNINI, and UArts President DAVID YAGER.

Each participant receives a bag full of necessary materials, supplies and literature.  Just bring yourself and a curious mind...even better, bring a friend!

Registration for the Spring 2016 Salon Series is closed. To join the mailing list and learn about upcoming courses please email  or contact the Continuing Studies office at 215-717-6006. 

Share your most memorable journeys
– and relive them yourself! – with the
tools for memorable travel writing. This
workshop-style course offers writing
and photography exercises designed
to improve storytelling, develop tone,
voice and mood, and effectively incorporate
images into your work. A fit for
students at any level, this course welcomes
writers as well as photographers
aiming to effectively complement their
imagery with text.
Instructed by Ada Kulesza
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Unleash your imagination to create a
one-of-a-kind large-scale collage from
an array of traditional and non-traditional
materials. Choose from unlike
options including photographs, scanned
images, exotic papers, and paint and
ink, which fuse to become a work of art
suitable for display. This course merges
the playfulness of expressive art with
history and theory that support
memorable assemblage.
Instructed by Henry Bermudez

Make every shot frame-worthy with this
overview of successful digital portrait
photography. From maximizing lighting
and camera features to shooting live
models in a studio, discover how to
capture the personality and beauty of
every subject, and prep files for output
and optimal printing. Natural as well
as studio lighting are covered in this
workshop. All participants receive the
framed photo of their choice at the
completion of this four-week course.
Students can use a provided DSLR camera
or bring their own.
Instructed by Barbara Proud
Summer starts early with this unique
how-to course. Held on our Center City
campus, this workshop shares the tips,
tools, and secrets for successful beachfront
watercolor painting. A variety of
styles and approaches are demonstrated
and discussed, including color selection,
painting wet into wet, glazing and
washes, and practical considerations
like keeping materials safe from sun and
sand. Get the tools to paint high tides,
sunsets, and everything in between with
this mix of demonstrations, and in-class
painting exercises.
Instructed by Michelle Oosterbaan
A cost of $650 per person includes supplies, instruction, and receptions. Reduced rate parking is available - please inquire by calling 215-717-6006.