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Give your passion a boost of knowledge.

Over the course of a lifetime, the average person will change careers up to seven times. Sometimes these changes are born out of necessity, but often, the decision to change direction is drawn from a desire to have more intrinsically rewarding work, increased flexibility or a better work-life balance.

Our Certificate programs will provide you with knowledge and networking opportunities to enhance your career, change directions entirely or simply develop expertise around an important personal interest.  Minimal previous experience is required to apply, which means they are perfect for just about everybody. And because each program challenges you to apply your new skills and expertise in practical situations, you will be prepared for an increasingly complex workplace and dynamic world.

Following your dream has its benefits.

As a certificate student, you join our community of designers, artists and innovators.  We provide valuable benefits, guidance and support throughout the program including:

  • UArts Student Photo ID  Certificate students receive an official UArts photo ID for accessing UArts buildings and services. The ID also enables students to receive discounts at Philadelphia eateries, stores, entertainment and cultural venues – plus free admission to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Perelman Building and the Rodin Museum.
  • UArts Career Services   Certificate students receive access to UArtsCareers (, a comprehensive online system of opportunities including internships, part-time jobs, summer jobs, freelance projects & gigs, volunteer positions, and full-time career positions. Through UArtsCareers, students and alumni may also store and distribute online resumes and portfolios.  UArts Career Services also provides: career resource library, handouts on job search strategies, links to valuable Internet resources, and periodic professional development workshops and special events.

  • Software + Hardware Discounts  Certificate students receive software discounts purchased through the UArts School Store  Currently, the bookstore still has limited quantities of the CS software available for purchase at a steeply reduced rate and will also offer educational discounts on cloud subscriptions.  Certificate students also qualify for discounts on hardware at the University of Pennsylvania’s Computer Connection store.
  • Digital Storage  Digital technology certificate students receive accounts in Media Temple, a web hosting platform, to be used for class assignments and projects.
  • Discounted Parking  Certificate students are afforded access to steeply discounted parking by paying a special rate for a group of 10 parking vouchers for the course term.  Details on purchasing vouchers can be found on the CE Policies page.
  • UArts Library Borrowing Privileges  Certificate students may use the UArts library, borrow materials and access extensive digital resources.
  • Guest Lecture Series + Networking opportunities - Check out past and upcoming Guest Speakers and events

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