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CE Certificate Application Form

Communication + Web Design

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 Why You Should Participate in the Communication + Web Design Certificate:

  • You want to have a solid understanding of the practical applications of design principles.
  • You want to become fluent in or refine your understanding of the Adobe Creative Suite design software.
  • You want a marketable and flexible skill set for a career in either print and/or digital media.
  • You want to explore personal aesthetic sensibilities.
  • You want to build strong print and/or web portfolios. 

UArts Continuing Education is not currently accepting applications for this certificate.

Please join the Continuing Education mailing list to get updates on this program, and for information on the application deadline to join the next cohort. If you would like to schedule an advising session to discuss your options with Continuing Education staff, please email 

Required Courses


Students must first complete all requirements of the Communication Design Essentials Certificate. Then, students complete all the requirements of the Web Design Essentials Certificate.*

  • Capstone Project: Communication + Web Design

Focus on expanding your design skills and refining your problem-solving abilities through advanced application of the design process. Work on a project, producing graphics and a website for a real-world client of your selection. Manage print design pieces from concept to completion, creating a logo, brochure and package design, and develop and build a website that complements and enhances your print media. You are expected to possess the necessary skills and knowledge required to successfully complete the Capstone Project, and you must arrive at the first class session having identified a client for your project. This course concludes with a formal presentation to a panel of instructors and students. Prerequisite: This class is for Communication Design + Web Certificate enrollees only; successful completion of all prerequisite classes is mandatory.

Total Minimum Required:                                                    30.0        10 courses

* For those not proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, up to 6.0 additional credits may be required beyond the 30 total required credits.