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Digital Photography Level I

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Now accepting applications for our Digital Photography Certificate Program. The application deadline is September 14, 2018. The next cohort will begin September 24, 2018. Apply online or contact our main office 215-717-6006.

Focused on fine-tuning technical skills and developing photographic vision, the new Digital Photography Level I and Level II programs are a first step for students considering a career in photography – whether you are looking to create work for a company or looking to launch a freelance career.

The Digital Photography Level I Certificate will provide you with the basics to become proficient with your camera and the skills to share and exhibit your images. Digital Photography Level II starts you on the path to enter into this competitive industry. Our students are prepared for the field with an understanding of best practices and solid skills training.

Program Structure

Participants can complete the Level I course sequence, for a total of 9.0 credits, in three semesters (Spring, Summer and Fall). All classes meet on campus once a week from 6-9 pm.

In addition, students can attend guest lectures and presentations by professionals in the photography industry. Check out past and upcoming Guest Speakers and events.

Tuition: $250 - $750 per couse
Fees: $15  - $100 per course.

Why You Should Participate in the Digital Photography Certificate:
  • You want to explore fine art photography, portraiture, documentary, commercial and other genres of photography as a hobby or future career.
  • You want to possess the technical skills to shoot, manipulate and print photographs using digital technology.
  • You want to tap into the emerging niche markets of photography as the field adapts and advances.
  • You want to participate in courses that emphasize camera techniques, lighting methods and use of computer software for modifying and printing digital files.
  • You want to exhibit your work or create a catalogue of images.

Digital Photography certificate students are required to own a digital SLR camera for use during the program. Click to view the SLR Camera Recommendations PDF.

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Please join the Continuing Education mailing list to get updates on this program, and for information on the application deadline to join the next cohort. If you would like to schedule an advising session to discuss your options with Continuing Education staff, please email 


Join UArts faculty for an exclusive photo excursion to Tuscany, Italy between the Spring and Summer semesters. This option is open to all photography students, and the 3.0 studio elective credits can be used toward the Digital Photography Level II program elective requirement. Join the Continuing Education mailing list here to keep up to date on program announcements and deadlines.


Required Courses

  • Digital Photography I
First Course | 5 Weeks | $405

Explore the fundamental principles, techniques and application of digital camera-based image making. Learn to capture images by selecting your exposure settings for aperture and shutter while simultaneously learning about manual metering, color balance and strong composition. This course employs a mixture of lectures, demonstrations, assignments, field trips and critiques. You must have your own digital camera with adjustable exposure and focus and the ability to capture in raw. Print output is the student's responsibility; the University's Imaging Lab is available for output. A FreedomPay card is required for use of Imaging Lab services.

  • Digital Media for Photographers - Adobe Lightroom
Second Course | 5 Weeks | $405

This course provides an overview of Adobe Lightroom, a complete end-to-end software solution for both amateur and professional photographers. Providing a critical set of tools for digital imaging tasks, Lightroom helps photographers work faster and more efficiently with one image, a set of images or a large image library. Lightroom allows you to organize images and quickly make adjustments. In this course, learn how to productively work with Lightroom, import images and sort them for organization and efficiency. Also spend time with advanced developing techniques to adjust exposure, contrast and color of images. You'll learn to edit photos and discover advanced features to enhance workflow.

  • Digital Photography II
Third Course | 10 Weeks | $790

If you have completed Digital Photography I or are comfortable with the use of a digital SLR camera (in manual mode), this course will allow you to expand your photographic competency and aesthetic sensibility while learning techniques to improve your work and build a greater understanding of advanced functions of the digital camera. The course stresses the development of a cohesive body of work, with the final goal a series of project-based photographs. Prerequisite: Digital Photography I or equivalent experience.

  • Digital Darkroom
Fourth Course | 5 Weeks | $405

Learn how to output artwork for digital media – websites, books, and service bureaus.

  • Digital Fine Art Printing
Fifth Course | 5 Weeks | $405

Creating and printing physical photographs.

Total Required                                                                                 9.00             5 courses

Digital Photography certificate students are required to own a digital SLR camera for use during the program.