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Music Business, Entrepreneurship + Technology

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The MBET Certificate program will introduce you to the many facets of the music industry and teach you the practicalities and realities of what it means to be a part of it today. Coursework is built around the culture of entrepreneurship and the critical skills needed to create opportunity. A strong emphasis is placed on the role of social media and the artist-entrepreneur as a content provider, media maker and creative engine.
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Required Courses

  • Music Business Fundamentals
Recommended first course

Students will explore the music industry and its constituent sectors, including music performing, recording, promoting and record distribution in new media. Lectures and projects focus on identifying various career opportunities and typical career paths in the music industry and the knowledge and skill sets required to succeed as a professional.

  • Recording Industry Operations

This course will investigate and study the structure and function of record companies, media promotion techniques, digital and online marketing, on-line and retail distribution and sales.

  • Digital Audio Fundamentals I

Students will learn basic digital audio theory along with fundamental skills in digital audio production, arranging and mixing concepts. Lectures and projects will focus on applicable concepts and techniques for music production. The class will take place in a campus computer lab using Pro Tools, the industry standard for digital audio workstations.

  • Overview of Social Media Marketing

Social media represents one of the most significant changes in consumer media behavior in history, resulting in fundamental shifts in the way marketers communicate and interact with audiences. This course provides practical knowledge to establish objectives and implement strategies towards developing best practices and effective use in your organization. Interactive social media tools are examined, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, mobile apps and blogging. You will develop an understanding of the changing world of social media, considering editorial calendars, appropriate use, social listening, policy and copyright, case studies, website optimization, emerging platforms, resources management and content development. Learn how social media is critical to effective and efficient communication.

  • Digital Audio Fundamentals II

Students will learn and apply advanced production concepts and techniques of digital audio production. Lectures and projects will focus on polishing and producing a professional sounding mix using the tools available within a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) environment. The class will take place in a campus computer lab using Pro Tools, the industry standard for digital audio workstations.

Select 3 elective credits from these approved options:

  • Audio Electronics Workshop - Maker

Students will learn basic DC and AC electrical concepts that can be applied to the maintenance, repair, and construction of audio electronic devices. Topics will include soldering, cable construction and repair, resistance, capacitance, filters, attenuators, and schematic analysis. These topics will be taught and reinforced through lectures, homework assignments, circuit construction, and projects.

  • Digital Marketing Strategies

The marketing industry has made a significant shift from traditional marketing methods to an increasingly digital focus. The Internet and mobile technologies have made way for new marketing channels, and today's marketers must be familiar with the ever-evolving digital landscape to stay connected and relevant to their customers. In this course, learn how to drive traffic to a website with social media and SEO strategies, and turn website browsers into customers with effective user experience design. You will also learn how to create effective digital campaign strategies using viral marketing, social media, email and online ads.

  • Business Planning

This course covers the multiple facets of starting up and operating an audio media business. Topics of learning consist of the development of an industry analysis, and a comprehensive business plan.

Required course:

  • Capstone
Final course

This is a required capstone course for all students in the Music Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Certificate Program. With the help of an instructor, students select a project of particular relevance and interest and can work individually or as a team. Projects can include, but are not limited to, areas such as production and promotion, marketing, distribution and recording projects.

Total Required                                                                                    21.0             7 courses