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The Teaching Artist Certificate is an unprecedented online program inclusive of all the arts: visual, performing, literary, media and crafts. Recognizing the role of the artist as a vital component of PreK-12 educational reform, the program was designed by the University of the Arts and the Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

The University of the Arts was the first degree-granting institution in the country to offer a Teaching Artist Certificate program. This research-based certificate program will build the knowledge and capacity of artists to work alongside teachers and arts specialists in PreK-12 classrooms and community settings to create and implement best practices residency programs that support learning in and through the arts. The Teaching Artist Certificate has a special application process.

Applications are now being accepting for the Fall 2017 cohort. Ready to apply? Complete the digital form or apply online today!

Bringing your art to others is an art in itself. You can perfect that art with us.

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Learning the Art of Sharing

You already know your art. Step two is becoming proficient in sharing your talents with others in a way that instructs as well as inspires. That’s a skill that can be learned and our courses teach it. Offered online, these courses allow artists from a wide range of media and performance backgrounds – as well as from all over the country – to join together to learn this focused content.

View the courses that will lead to your Teaching Artist Certificate.

Your Support System: Our Faculty and Advisory Board

Teaching Artist Certificate courses are developed and taught by a faculty of industry-leading teaching artists who share a passion for online teaching. Instructors include members of our Advisory Board, published authors, professional educators and master teaching artists. They bring together decades of professional and educational experience to deliver excellent classes and online instruction.

View the Teaching Artist Advisory Board.

Your Support System, Part Two: The Student Cohort

Each entering class of new students forms a student cohort, a group of students who, like you, are just beginning the program. Each cohort creates a community of support, resources and ideas that extend throughout the entire curriculum, building knowledge and skills together.

The Teaching Artist, Certified and More Capable.

Once you earn your certificate, where will you be? In a better place, that’s where. Here’s what your new landscape will look like:

  • You’ll have the knowledge of educational methods necessary to work in schools and community sites.
  • You’ll have professional teaching skills developed through hands-on experience working alongside master teachers.
  • You’ll know how to design, implement and manage your own residency.
  • You’ll know the business of being a teaching artist and how it should be run.
  • You'll be considered an alumnus of the University of the Arts and receive the many associated benefits.
The Teaching Artist, Certified and More Versatile.

When you complete your course, you‘ll have a university-issued certificate that makes you more marketable. First, it can help lead to more interviews because it shows prospective employers you have the appropriate educational credentials.

Second, it helps justify a new employer’s decision to choose you to be part of their educational curriculum.

The Teaching Artist, Defined

Today, the term "teaching artist" is generally applied to individuals working in their chosen field who are also able to bring their art to learners in the community. Learners can be found anywhere from community centers to hospitals, from after-school programs to shelters. But for the vast majority of teaching artists the focus is on reaching school children in grades K-12. A teaching artist seeks a path different than a state-certified K-12 public classroom educator, choosing to focus on studio or performance processes and how to bring this creative knowledge to the community through their art.

The Teaching Artist, Discovered

Why should you pursue a teaching artist certificate?

  • You’re an accomplished artist or performer who wants to expand your employment opportunities.
  • You’re a recent arts graduate looking for direction and professional fulfillment.
  • You want regular work but still want to be free to pursue your art.
  • You love sharing your creativity with others.
  • You’re a practicing artist who seeks more ways to share your skills, more ways to develop professionally and more ways to earn a living.
  • You’re already performing as a teaching artist but you lack formal training and credentials.

Choosing to pursue a Teaching Artist Certificate makes sense. So does choosing us.

Apply Now. Questions? Email or call the Continuing Education office at 215.717.6095.

Teaching Artist Certificate Courses

  • Foundations of Learning Theory
Offered in the Fall semester.

This course explores the history and philosophy of learning theories and their application to present-day classroom practices. Theoretical models from pre-20th century through current brain-based research are examined in relation to the teaching of the arts. Learning styles and teaching strategies are analyzed as a means to address effective classroom practices.

  • Human Behavior + Child Development
Offered in the Fall semester.

The purpose of this course is to provide teaching artists with a basic understanding of child development theories and current issues in human behavior as related to patterns of change in the most critical age group of learners, ages 4-14. Cognitive, language, social/emotional and motor domains are examined. Consideration is given to the ways teaching artists can create age-appropriate arts activities within instructional settings including preK-12 classrooms and community sites.

  • Methods for Teaching Artists
Offered in the Spring semester.

Application of theory into practice: Content of this course will include teaching methodology, arts integration, co-teaching strategies, program design and implementation, and student and program assessment. This course applies student knowledge of state arts and humanity standards, familiarity with preK-12 core curricula through PA Department of Education Standards Aligned System, and alignment of arts skills with core curriculum addressing Common Core State Standards. Methods for Teaching Artists will include the development of arts and arts integrated residencies in both schools and community settings and includes building an understanding of the culture and learning requirements of a particular community from pre-K to senior citizens. Course concentration focuses on how to design, deliver, and assess student learning in arts residency programs as well as assessing program success.

  • Professional Practices
Offered in the Summer semester.

This course focuses on the practical and business skills needed to support and sustain a working professional teaching artist. It addresses specific demands outside of working in the studio and making art. In addition to examining current trends and transitions in the field, students develop traditional presentation materials, which are central when applying for residencies. This includes writing artist statements and cover letters, documenting work, and other variables relevant to a professional portfolio. Through lectures, student research projects and class discussions, students examine best practices for marketing residencies, writing and managing contracts, record keeping, and taxes. Guest speakers representing the full range of visual and performing arts from the arts community as well as master teaching artists are scheduled to discuss different aspects of the profession in live classroom sessions.

  • Capstone Project
Offered in the summer semester.

This course is designed to provide you the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and knowledge you have learned in the Teaching Artist Certificate program. You will identify and craft an application to a Teaching Artist residency that meets your individually defined goals in coordination with and approval by the instructor. Finally you will assemble and present your professional teaching e-portfolio, appropriate to your medium and professional goals.

Total Program Information:                                   11.0                      5 courses, 110 hours

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