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Web Design

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Now accepting applications for the Web Design Certificate. The next cohort will begin January 28, 2019. The application deadline is January 18, 2019.  Apply online or contact our main office 215-717-6006.


Focused on front-end design, the new Web Design program is a first step for students considering career transition into roles such as Interaction Designers or Visual Designers –working at an agency developing projects for clients, within a company or looking to launch a freelance career.

The new Web Design Certificate is designed to provide you the basics needed to enter into this competitive industry. Our students are prepared with an understanding of best practices and good design. Dynamic programming includes guest lectures by experts in the field, case studies, professional practices and one-on-one opportunities to dialogue with your instructors during office hours.

Read about this program on Philly: Meet our faculty and learn about the experience from program graduatesCheck out past and upcoming Guest Speakers and events.

Why UArts?
  • Ability to maintain a work life balance -- students can work while taking our classes

  • Our institutional focus on Art + Design principles ensures a holistic approach to web design, rather than relying on specific software to solve design problems

  • UArts students will stand out from other candidates entering the field because they have learned to clearly present their projects and ideas to clients and co-workers

  • UArts web design program is a smart choice for someone looking for a program that fits between a boot camp option, where people have to give up everything else to participate, and short workshops, where they do not have the ability to practice what they are learn

Why You Should Participate in the Web Design Certificate:
  • Build a flexible skill set for a career in digital media

  • Develop an understanding of the architecture and construction of interactive design

  • Learn how to create an effective website and build a strong web portfolio

  • Gain technology skills in CSS3, HTML5, wireframing, responsive design and more

  • Apply thoughtful aesthetics to application design

  • Learn fundamental skills to construct a website through general concepts that can adapt to new technologies
Program Structure

Tuition: $1250 per course, Fees: $40 per course.

10 in-person sessions | Tuesdays 6-8pm
8 online sessions | Thursdays 6-8pm

Additionally, students attend two Thursday evenings on campus for guest speakers and final presentations.

The benefits of our hybrid course format include:

  • Online synchronous sessions with instructor to provide additional assistance with projects and homework assignments, allows students additional contact hours for in-class work sessions, to focus on project development, practicing exercises.

  • Presentations by experts from the field presenting on a range of special topics including: emerging technologies, agency life, building a freelance career

  • Office Hours scheduled one-on-one sessions with instructor for individual attention

Certificate Program Requirements

A portfolio of five example design projects or samples is required and can be submitted as PDF or a link to a website.

Other requirements to participate in the program include:

  • General computer skills;  comfort with working with files in multiple applications, naming files appropriately, organizing files in folders, and understanding different file types.

  • Some previous visual design experience.  You should have some experience with composition, balance, and similar principles in some visual arts or design medium.  

  • Familiarity with basic image-manipulation tasks like resizing and cropping images using Adobe Photoshop or similar software.  If you are brand new to this type of software, consider taking either Adobe Creative Suite Overview (CE 1403) or Adobe Photoshop (CE 2423) before applying to the program.  

Please join the Continuing Education mailing list to get updates on this program, and for information on the application deadline to join the next cohort. If you would like to schedule an advising session to discuss your options with Continuing Education staff, please email 

Required Courses


Three courses in the sequence, 120 contact hours in one year (Spring, Summer and Fall Semesters)

  • Web Design I
First course | 10 Weeks | $1290

This course offers a high-level overview of the web as a design medium, an introduction to web graphics, and an introduction to HTML and CSS. Students will begin to explore the web as a design medium through discussions, readings, explanations and a hands-on approach. Begin to build skills in the tools and languages used on the web; process images for use on the web; learn the roles of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Explore the importance of a multi-platform, multi-screen approach to web design, learn current development best practices, and develop thoughtful user interface, user experience and information architecture for a website. This course culminates with the design and execution of a simple website, presented during a formal critique with instructor and peers.

  • Web Design II
Second course | 10 Weeks | $1290

Expand upon your foundation of web design in HTML and CSS to design and build more complex websites. Coursework builds stronger CSS skills and provides an expanded focus on multi-screen design, UI/UX design, accessibility, site architecture, and the web design process. You will also explore adding interactive elements to your websites using JavaScript and jQuery. Over the course of the class students will create two complete web sites.

  • Web Design III
Final course | 10 Weeks | $1290

Learn the basic building blocks of HTML5 and CSS3 as you explore the creative possibilities for interactive design on the web. Build upon this foundation to turn your website designs into fully functional web pages. You will learn how HTML5 and CSS3 form the core of web development as well as how other languages can be used to enrich a basic site. This course takes you through the full life cycle of developing a web project from conception, design and development to launch. Prerequisite: Web II or equivalent experience.

Total Minimum Required:                                                                                            12.0             3 courses

For those not proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, up to 6.0 additional credits may be required beyond the 12 total required credits.

Competency exams will determine students' level of proficiency with Adobe software programs; all students must be proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to progress to the next course.