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Integrating iPad Technology in the Classroom

The introduction of the iPad brought the power and functionality of a full-size computer system into a lightweight, user-intuitive, mobile tablet and educators have since rapidly embraced it to meet computing needs and fill specific niche roles. Discover how technology can increase engagement, allow access to vast content and provide the ability to create media to share stories with visuals and sound, and signal what lies ahead for students. Bring technology into integrated use throughout the curriculum by using tablet devices and their applications to explore the development of lessons applicable to a range of subject areas through cross-curricular sound and video projects. Consider how the iPad can be an integrated professional tool for classroom management and for creating and sharing content. Discuss the financial resources for bringing these technologies into schools.

Register now - course runs from February 27 - March 13, Sat + Sun, 9AM - 4PM || Instructor: Kenneth Kay

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'Phantom Effect' Book Signing with CE instructor and author Michael Aronovitz!

Wednesday, March 2: 7 - 9 pm
The University of the Arts
211 South Broad Street, 9th Floor
Terra Building, 9th Floor
Philadelphia PA 19102

Join author and UArts faculty member Michael Aronovitz for an intimate reading and book signing of his just released novel, The Phantom Effect. Michael Aronovitz is the acclaimed author of two short story collections, Seven Deadly Pleasures and The Voices in Our Heads, as well as the novels Alice Walks and The Witch of the Wood. Aronovitz teaches short story writing at The University of the Arts in the Continuing Education.

FREE and open to the public, RSVP: with Phantom in the subject.

*Copies of Phantom Effect will be on sale at this event! View the Facebook event page for more details:

Read the reviews:

"Phantom Effect is ripe with beauty and terror—a thrill ride with the brakes gone out. You'll only open this book once."
—Thorne and Cross, authors of "The Ghosts of Ravencrest" and "The Cliffhouse Haunting"

"A philosophically rich fearfest that's recommended for readers who prefer their titillation to include some complexity ... a perverted parable that challenges traditional moral norms and reader expectations. A thriller designed to question as much as entertain."
—Publishers Weekly

"One of the most powerful and gripping horror novels I’ve read in years. Phantom Effect establishes Aronovitz as a prominent voice in contemporary weird fiction." —S. T. Joshi

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Corzo Center: Telling Your Brand Story

Telling Your Brand Story

By Corzo Center at the University of the Arts

THURSDAY, MARCH 3 2016 | 6:00 PM — 8:00 PM

Learn how to tell your brand story to communicate effectively your message, clarify your mission, and support your value proposition. Participants will leave with a basic three-part story structure that can be further developed and used to pitch a product or service.

Presented by Nick Cassway, Assistant Teaching Professor of Computer Design, Design & Merchandising at Drexel University – Westphal College of Media Arts & Design.

Made possible through the generous support of The Knight Foundation.

Register here:

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Corzo Center: Art and Tech: Communicating Your Creative Vision with Technology

Art and Tech: Communicating Your Creative Vision with Technology

By Corzo Center at the University of the Arts

THURSDAY, MARCH 17 2016 7:00 PM — 8:30 PM

Rapid growth in the technology industry has drastically impacted nearly every aspect of our lives. For some artists, this is a good reason to refocus on traditional craftsmanship and techniques. For others, the myriad of new and affordable technology is an opportunity to play, experiment, and develop new forms for creative expression that were not possible before.

The Hacktory knows new technical solutions aren't always the best option, and they are excited to help artists explore what's possible with technology to expand their creative practices in ways that create new, inspiring art.

Join The Hacktory and tech and environmental artist Leslie Birch for a discussion on how integrating tech into your artwork can help you achieve new levels of creative expression. This discussion will be followed by a tour of The Hacktory’s new workshop, tools available (electronic sewing materials, 3D printers, electronics work bench, the kinect and interactive programs built for artists), and demos of interactive software and physical hardware-based projects.

Participants will receive access to one free class at The Hacktory.

Made possible through the generous support of The Knight Foundation with support of the Center for Emerging Visual Artists.

Register here:

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Corzo Center: What Actors and Dancers Need to Know

What Actors and Dancers Need to Know

By Corzo Center at the University of the Arts

SATURDAY, MARCH 19 2016 1:00 PM — 4:00 PM
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Corzo Center: Craft Complex

Craft Complex

By Corzo Center at the University of the Arts

THURSDAY, MARCH 24 2016 | 6:00 PM — 8:00 PM

Small Manufacturing in the Shadow of America’s Industrial Legacy

Register here:

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