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    • David Chaplin-Loebell

David Chaplin-Loebell




BA, Bard College

David Chaplin-Loebell has been working as a web developer in a variety of roles since 1998.  After a brief and ill-fated attempt to be a designer, he turned the focus of his freelance business to web application development, with a focus on sites that handled visualization, scheduling, and e-commerce.  He worked for 10 yeas in a role managing development of e-commerce sites for a local mail order company. 

Today, his day job is Director of IT for Weavers Way Coop.  While his work today places more emphasis on hardware and networks than web development, he still keeps up with developments in web technology, keeps his hand in by managing his employer’s web sites, and occasionally consults on web development projects. He has taught at The University of the Arts since 2007.