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Rupananda Misra




M.S., Communications/Journalism, Fort Hayes State University 
Ed.D., Communications, Media, and Learning Technologies Design, Columbia University
Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Health Informatics, Columbia University
Rupa has held higher education teaching positions since 1997. Extremely well-versed on the use of media and technologies to enhance and complement the K-12 curriculum, Rupa has worked with hundreds of elementary, middle, and high school teachers in the integration of learning technologies in learning environments and its impact on how we think, learn, and make decisions. He has taught in the traditional classroom environment and, since 2002, hybrid and online courses. He is especially interested in understanding the underlying mechanism in the design of e-learning applications from the perspective of representation and meaning-making.  Rupa has published seven research papers and two book chapters, resulting in multiple conference presentations.  Rupahas held teaching positions at Drexel University, Columbia University, the Art Institute of Philadelphia, West Virginia University, and Purdue University.  The Art Institute of Philadelphia recently presented Rupa with two awards: "Teaching Excellence" and "Honor Faculty".