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    • Denise Carbone

Denise Carbone




B.A. Fine Art, Glassboro State College, New Jersey:

M.F.A. Book Arts/Printmaking, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA.

Master Lecturer:

Printmaking/Book Arts Departments: University of the Arts

Graduate Bookbinding classes. Book Arts: Concept and Structure and Book Methods class.

Workshop on various binding structures both historical and conceptual as well as classes on preservation enclosures and box structures.

Denise’s studio is in New Jersey where many unusual experiments happen. For some time her interest focused on the alchemical concoctions of manuscript inks. The process is compulsive and requires uncomplaining risk taking resulting in unpredictable outcome. The intrigue for her is the reactions, the attraction/repulsion and the unsuitability of the material, awaiting with pleasure watching the change that happens over time.

Sometimes her experiments are with ink in combination with printing varnishes on large wood forms. With a reasonable amount of wood type and a  Vandercook, #3 press, printing the alphabet without a word to say brings great pleasure to her, especially with everyone having too much to say. Lets look a different way.

She shows periodically, and has books and prints in private and public collections, but due to her lack of record keeping, she can only say that.


    • Denise Carbone - Self Grown
    • Denise Carbone - Self Grown