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Mr. Christopher Sweeney is a 1996 graduate of University of the Art’s Philadelphia College of Art and Design with a B.F.A. in Fine Arts/Painting and Drawing, and recently received his M.A., also from the University of the Arts, in 2012. While enrolled at the University of the Arts in undergraduate studies, Mr. Sweeney majored in painting/drawing and held a minor in art education. Mr. Sweeney was also the recipient of several awards while attending University of the Arts including the Ernest W. Greenfield Annual Award in Painting, the Peter J. McCahill Memorial Award in Art Education, and finalist for the Rohm and Haas Fine Arts Award, all of which were awarded in 1996. He was also awarded the prestigious position of giving the Student Address at the 1996 commencement. Recently, he was awarded by Pennsylvania Art Education Association the Outstanding Secondary Art Educator for 2016 .He is also an Ambassador for MakeyMakey, Chibitronics, Morphi,and is a fellow at Ultimaker 3D Printers Pioneer Education program.

Mr. Sweeney has taught art to different communities of students in the Philadelphia area, ranging from pre-K to adults. He has taught a variety of students in many settings, both at public, private, and charter schools.Mr. Sweeney has taught at various schools and/or organizations such as the Philadelphia School District, Foundations, Inc. at Christopher Columbus Charter School, Friends Central, Arts League, and the Creative Artists Network, as well as the University of Pennsylvania in 2015, where his students built a 3D printer and learned how to use it. He is also a practicing artist with a variety of artistic interests, one of which currently is 3D printing and using digital media such as the MakeyMakey, Drawdio, and electronic circuitry. He has recently shown at Slinghuff Gallery in Philadelphia, as well as several other local venues, such as Delaware Contemporary Center of Art this past year. Mr. Sweeney is currently employed full time as a Design teacher at Charter High School for Architecture and Design in Philadelphia. Mr. Sweeney teaches a variety of classes, all of which are geared towards students’ full understanding, appreciation, and education in the visual arts and design. He places a special emphasis on multicultural, interdisciplinary, and technological education in the visual arts, in his current position, as well as wherever he is teaching.