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Applications for all certificate programs are accepted at any time during the academic year, up until the program application deadline. Students who are interested or those who have questions about a particular certificate are urged to contact the Continuing Education office at 215.717.6095 or

Students must submit their completed application, and if accepted submit a martriculation fee of $100. The matriculation fee is used to cover costs associated with the certificate program such as UArts CS student photo ID and computer lab access.

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Adobe Software Competency Exams

Students enrolled in any digital technology certificate will be required to complete brief competency exams in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Students enrolled in either the Communications Design Essentials Certificate or Communication + Web Design Certificate will also be required to complete a competency exam in Adobe InDesign. Results will be used to determine appropriate Adobe courses based on individual skill level. If results indicate sufficient proficiency, the student will not need to enroll in Adobe software courses.

Competency exams can be found online at Digital technology certificate applicants are to submit the appropriate exams with all other required materials at the time of application.

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Certificate Student Orientation

Students who are accepted into the program will attend a Certificate Student Orientation, a program that is required for all new certificate students. During orientation, students will learn more about the benefits of their certificate program, will meet program advisors, various faculty and other students accepted into the program.

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Schedule of Courses

A curriculum grid accompanies each certificate and outlines the courses required to earn that certificate. Students are bound by the program requirements stated at the time they enter the program.

Students generally take anywhere from one to three years to earn their certificate. The pace is determined by the individual student’s needs and schedules.

Please note that all courses include out-of-class assignments designed for certificate students only, requiring significant time commitments of at least 15 additional hours per course, per semester.

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Academic Advising

Academic advising is designed to assist students in directing and completing their certificate program by providing guidance through contact with an informed advisor. Information is also available in Continuing Education publications and on the Continuing Studies website.

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Leave-of-Absence Policy

Candidates unable to enroll in courses for one or more consecutive semesters must apply for a formal leave of absence, by completing a Leave-of-Absence Form. Completed forms must be filed with the Continuing Education office.

If a student does not participate in certificate program courses for two consecutive semesters and written notice is not on file, the Continuing Education program will classify the student as inactive.

Students who request a leave of absence but do not return to the certificate program after the time specified for the absence will be classified as inactive by the Continuing Education program. 

Under either circumstance, students will be notified that they have been officially withdrawn from the program and informed of the steps necessary to reapply to the program. Readmission to the certificate program will be at the discretion of the Continuing Education program. Students may be subject to the curriculum requirements at the time of readmission, rather than as stated at the time candidacy was originally declared. Upon readmission to the program, students must pay a $50 Readmission Fee.

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Waiving Courses

Each Certificate program’s curriculum develops skills through sequential coursework. Each course description within the certificate programs includes a list of applicable prerequisite courses. Competency exams have also been developed for digital technology certificates to assess proficiency with the software that makes up the Adobe Creative Suite.  For this reason, it is strongly recommended that students complete all courses required for their specific certificate program. Requests to waive courses will be reviewed on an individual basis and granted in rare exception. Students should contact the Continuing Education office for more details about how to make this request at 215.717.6095 or .

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Transfer Credit

Students are permitted to transfer up to one Continuing Education course taken for non-credit toward the certificate program. Only non-credit courses which have been taken within one year of the student’s certificate application date are eligible for transfer. Students will complete a Course Transfer Form and pay a one-time $50 Course Transfer Fee. Students may only transfer courses that were taken through the Continuing Education program at the University of the Arts.  No courses taken at other institutions may be applied toward certificate programs. 

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Priority Enrollment

Certificate students may register during a designated priority period preceding general registration. Students receive advance notice of course schedules and special procedures.

Students with priority status should enroll immediately at the beginning of the priority registration period to ensure enrollment in their classes.

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Academic Requirements

Certificate students must achieve a grade of “B “or better in each course in order to maintain their status. Students who earn grades lower than “B” must repeat the course. Eligibility for certificate program completion requires students to successfully complete all program requirements within three academic years and complete their Capstone final course.

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UArts Alumni Association

With the exception of the Essentials certificates, the completion of all other certificate programs earns UArts Alumni status. UArts alumni are eligible for library privileges, a 25% tuition discount on all Continuing Education classes and discounts on insurance, hotels and local cultural venues. The Alumni office can be contacted at 215.717.6139 or online at for the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of alumni benefits.

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UArts Continuing Studies Student Photo ID

A UArts Continuing Studies student photo ID is issued to all certificate students. This ID is required for access to all UArts buildings, the library, computer labs and facilities.  If lost, the replacement fee is $35.

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Computer Labs

All computer classes are held in UArts Mac platform labs. Labs are equipped with a range of Intel-based desktop computers that include 20" and 24" iMac Intel Core 2 Duos, as well as Dual-Xeon or Nehalem Mac Pros, all with a minimum of 2GB of RAM or greater. Some facilities are supplemented by the use of laptop systems in mobile carts outfitted with MacBooks.

Students in Digital Technology courses may use UArts general computing labs during open hours. Login information may be obtained from the instructor or CS office.

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Career Services

Certificate students have the opportunity to participate in an advising session with UArts Career Services upon completion of the program. Certificate students also receive access to UArtsCareers, a comprehensive online system of opportunities including internships, part-time jobs, summer jobs, freelance projects and gigs, volunteer positions and full-time career positions. Through UArtsCareers, students and alumni may also store and distribute online resumes and portfolios.

UArts Career Services also provides: career resource library, handouts on job search strategies, links to valuable Internet resources and periodic professional development workshops and special events.

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Course Registration

Five ways to register: phone (215.717.6006), fax (215.717.6538), by mail, in person or on online at To register, you must submit the completed registration form with payment in full. Payment may be made in the form of a check or money order payable to: The University of the Arts. Credit cards – American Express, MasterCard and Visa – are accepted. Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

The University reserves the right to deny registration to any student based upon the student’s prior behavior or actions in a previous class, program or workshop at the University.

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Student Code of Conduct

Any student may be dismissed from his/her class and the program if found to be disruptive or behaving inappropriately in class or on the University campus. Students dismissed from any UArts Continuing Studies program will be denied admission to future terms and programs.

Students in the Division of Continuing Studies are expected to adhere to the Continuing Studies Student Code of Conduct.

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Student Responsibility

Each student is responsible for observing all regulations outlined in publications and on the website of the Division of Continuing Studies that may affect academic progress, financial obligations, relationships with University authorities, transferability of credits and acceptance of credits for certification, as well as knowing regulations regarding withdrawals, refunds, deadlines, program changes and academic policy.

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Course Fees

Course fees vary by class and are applied to the specific operational costs incurred by activities in certain classes, studios or labs. Payment of fees mentioned in course descriptions is required at the time of registration and is nonrefundable. Students may need to purchase other materials at their own expense in addition to those provided; supply lists will be available online one week prior to the start of classes and can be accessed by selecting the Syllabus link on the individual course page.

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Course Cancellation

The University of the Arts reserves the right to cancel classes due to low enrollment. If a cancellation should occur, students will be notified prior to the start of classes and will have the option of taking another course or receiving a full refund.

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Refund Policy

All refunds are less nonrefundable deposits and fees, and are calculated as follows:

  • 100% refund less the $50 nonrefundable application fee for withdrawal five business days prior to the first class
  • 80% refund less the $50 nonrefundable application fee for withdrawal fewer than five business days prior to the first class
  • 50% refund less the $50 application fee for withdrawal between the first and second class
  • 0% refund after the scheduled meeting of the second class

Weekend Workshops

  • 100% refund less the $50 nonrefundable application fee for withdrawal five business days prior to the workshop
  • 0% refund for withdrawal within fewer than five business days prior to the workshop

Course fees are nonrefundable. All withdrawals must be submitted in writing sent via email to . The date the request is received in writing is the date used to calculate the refund amount. Please allow up to 10 business days for processing.

Note: It is not our policy to transfer registration from one course to another. Requests of this nature will be processed as a withdrawal, subject to the refund policy above.

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Academic Grievance

Students who have a concern or grievance regarding an academic matter are encouraged to discuss their concern directly with the instructor. Students may request that a Continuing Studies staff member be present for his/her conversation with the instructor. If they are not comfortable presenting their concern in person, or are not satisfied with the outcome of the discussion, they should submit their grievance in writing to the instructor and send a copy to the Director of Continuing Education. The instructor must respond in writing to the student within five business days from the date in which a grievance is received. In the case of a grievance filed during winter or spring breaks, the clock will stop until the first day of the regular Continuing Education academic calendar. The Director of Continuing Education is available for consultation by the student, and must be copied on the instructor’s response. The Director of Continuing Education will rule on the case within 10 business days.

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Non-Academic Grievance

Students are strongly encouraged to address all concerns to the Director of Continuing Education. If resolution is not possible after such dialog, the student should submit a letter or email describing the grievance to the Director of Continuing Education. Please note that non‐academic grievances must be filed during the semester in which the incident occurred. A student with a grievance pertaining to an academic matter should consult the Academic Grievances section for a full explanation of procedures in such cases.

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The University of the Arts is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Continuing Education offers courses for Continuing Education Credit. Courses in this program are indicated with a “CE” prefix. Courses for credit have a “C” suffix, and courses for non-credit have an “N” suffix. 

University of the Arts Continuing Studies courses provide knowledge and essential skills in specific fields and are taught by highly qualified faculty with in-depth experience in their subject areas. Continuing Studies courses at the University of the Arts are applicable to degree programs at the University. Credit is awarded based on a review of the student’s Continuing Studies transcript.

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Financial Aid

Continuing Education Certificate Programs do not qualify for financial aid or scholarships from the University of the Arts or federal student aid. However, educational loans may be available through private lenders not affiliated with the University.

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Incomplete Grade

Incomplete grades require prior approval of the instructor and the Dean of the College. A “Request for Grade of Incomplete” form, signed by the Dean, must be submitted to the office of the Registrar for each “I”grade assigned. Forms are available for download in the forms section at  

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Transcript Requests

Transcript requests can be made online, in person and by mail. The cost for normal service is $5; additional fees apply for fax, emergency, FedEx and international service. Full details are available online at All questions pertaining to transcript requests should be directed to the Office of the Registrar at 215.717.6420.

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Third-Party Billing + Sponsored Students

Third-party billing is when a company or government/outside agency has established special billing arrangements to cover tuition and/or fees for students it sponsors. The University must receive an authorization from the sponsoring agency before third-party billing can be processed. All billing authorizations – which may be a letter, purchase order or voucher – must be on official agency letterhead and signed by an officer of the organization.

Payment by the sponsor must be made directly to the University; agreements where payments are sent to the student cannot be honored. All authorizations must include the term or dates that the authorization is in effect. Continuing Education cannot accommodate any restrictions or contingencies on the authorization. For instance, if the agency requires grade or transcript information before payment, the University cannot authorize third-party billing.

All sponsored students are required to complete a Tuition Repayment Agreement (promissory note) in order to be registered for the class and to initiate third-party billing. Students must register for credit sections of courses to be paid via third party. In the event of non-payment or partial payment by the third-party agency, the student will be charged for the unpaid amount. Third parties are invoiced after the class is confirmed to run. Payments must be made within 30 days of billing. If payment is not received within 30 days, the agency and the student will be notified, and the student will be billed for the unpaid amount as authorized on the Tuition Repayment Agreement. Any charges that are not paid by the sponsor are billed directly to the student.

Tuition Repayment Agreement

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University Libraries

The University libraries are central to the educational mission of the University, enabling and enriching every student's professional preparation and general education. Through the services the library staff provides and through the materials it collects or to which it provides access, the University libraries seek to enhance teaching, to improve learning and to educate students in the arts to be successful and productive users of information.

Students are directed to contact library staff directly to receive the most current information regarding lending policies and hours of operation:

Albert M. Greenfield Library

Circulation Services: 215.717.6280
Reference Services: 215.717.6282 /215.717.6283

Visual Resources Collection


Music Library


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Center City Parking for Continuing Education Students

Please note: Due to extensive pricing increases at area parking garage, Continuing Education will no longer be providing reduced rate parking vouchers. For details and a list of commercial garages close to the UArts campus please see the link below.

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This is not a contractual document. The University of the Arts reserves the right to change any curricular offering, policy, faculty assignment or financial regulation described. The University of the Arts gives equal consideration to all applicants for admission and scholarships, and conducts all educational programs, activities and employment practices without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national or ethnic origin, or disability.