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Graduate Credit Partnership Courses

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The Professional Institute for Educators is pleased to partner with organizations to serve as a credit provider for professional development opportunities in the greater Philadelphia region.  Educators interested in earning graduate credit must first complete all registration requirements of the host organization before contacting the University of the Arts to register for credit.   Please contact us at 215.717.6006 to learn more about partnership courses and to register for graduate credit.

LITY 518NM 01 Pathways to Proficient Reading
In this course, educators will gain foundational knowledge and skills necessary for designing and delivering effective literacy instruction for all students. This course aligns with the Center for Effective Reading Instruction (CERI) Standards for Teachers of Reading, is designed around current research and builds on theoretical models such as the Simple View of Reading (Gough & Tunmer 1986), the Reading Rope (Scarborough 2003) and the Simple View of Writing (Berninger & Antmann 2009).  Teachers will explore pathways to proficient reading and writing through connections between language and literacy, examination of the structure of language, informed instructional approaches including multi-sensory techniques, the use of data for decision making, and the nature of learning differences such as dyslexia.  The course will address the incorporation of visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic techniques  and strategies for teaching literacy.  It will also provide the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to identify and further incorporate the arts into literacy instruction.

AIM Academy| 3.0 credits
Monday June 18, 2018 - Friday June 22, 2018: 8:30AM - 4PM

Instructor: Suruchi Keenheel
$375* payable to UArts

For more information and to register with AIM Academy, click here.

STMR 601NM 01 - Summer Teacher Institute: Medium and Message, Exploring Multiple Prospectives in Art
Across all art forms, the medium amplifies the artists' message.  In the Summer Teacher Institute at the Barnes, students will compare the use of paint, ceramic, and film by artists of the 19th and 20th centuries in the Barnes permanent collection and in the special exhibition Renoir Father and Son: Painting and Cinema.  The special exhibition explores the works of acclaimed director Jean Renoir and the influence of his father, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, on his art and life. Workshops include art-making, poetry writing, and film making lessons for use in the K-12 classroom. In anticipation of the Berthe Morisot: Woman Impressionist exhibition, students will leave with images and lesson plans that compare artists' perspectives, and also to prepare students for visits with their own classes over the next academic year. 

The Barnes Foundation | 2.0 credits
Tuesday July 24, 2018 - Friday July 27, 2018: 9AM - 3PM

*These dates are a correction from the information in our printed summer trifold*

Instructor: Jennifer Nadler
$500* payable to UArts

For more information and to register with The Barnes Foundation, click here.

ETEC 581NM 01 - Designing Games for the Classroom
This course is an introduction for K-12 educators to co-designing non-digital game-like learning experiences for the classroom. You will explore and apply game-like learning strategies by: 1) creating student-centered learning experiences to deepen student engagement, 2) testing and simulating these learning experiences with colleagues, while 3) using design thinking as a frame for developing classroom-ready materials.

The Institute of Play| 1.0 credits
Online: Monday July 30, 2018 - Friday August 10, 2018

with synchronous online sessions:
Monday July 30, 2018; Wednesday August 1, 2018 + Thursday August 2, 2018: 3:30PM - 6PM and
Monday August 6, 2018, Wednesday August 8, 2018 +Thursday August 9, 2018:  3:30PM - 6PM

Instructor: Ross Flatt
$250* payable to UArts

For more information and to register with Institute Of Play, click here.

STMR 602NM 01 - Visual Arts as a Source for Teaching (VAST) - Art as the Spark for Socially- Engaged Teaching + Learning
Art can help us interrogate our past, explore contemporary culture, and chart actions for the future. In this weeklong seminar, we invite K–12 teachers to use art to frame the big questions that impact our students and the world around them. Learn practical teaching tools and strategies that will encourage your students to engage with current social issues through reflection, perspective-taking, and creative self-expression.

In this seminar, enjoy:

  • Creative warm-up activities
  • Presentations by museum staff and invited scholars
  • Gallery sessions with museum educators
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Off-site field trips
  • Sharing ideas with colleagues
For more information and to register with The Philadelphia Museum of Art, click here.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art | 2.0 credits
Monday July 9, 2018 + Thursday July 12, 2018: 9AM - 4PM
Tuesday July 10, 2018; Wednesday July 11, 2018 + Friday July 13, 2018: 9AM - 3:30PM

Instructor: Barbara Bassett
$500* payable to UArts

*Neither tuition discounts nor deposit payments are eligible for this course.