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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will your master’s degree or graduate certificate from UArts take you?
On the path to success — in your classroom, in meeting your students’ potential, and in your own career.

How do I know if a master's degree or graduate certificate is right for me?
The MEd in Educational Program Design is recommended for K-12 educators who have yet to earn their master’s degree and are seeking graduate-level instruction about innovative teaching methods that focus on both theory and real-world practice. The MEd in Educational Technology is suited for in-service teachers interested in earning a graduate degree that builds their expertise in the integrationof technology into classroom learning. For those who do not wish to earn a master’s degree, we recommend a graduate certificate. Selecting the right option will also depend on one’s specific interests and goals. To schedule an appointment for one-on-one advising, please contact us at 215.717.6092 or email .

How long does it take to complete an MEd degree or certificate program?
The MEd or a certificate program can take two to three years to complete depending on the particular program and the number of courses completed each semester.  Graduate students enrolled in the MEd in Educational Program Design have seven years from the date of matriculation to complete their degree requirements.

How do I apply  for the MEd and/or graduate certificate program(s)?
1. Hold a bachelor’s degree froman accredited university
2. Be a current or recent educator in the K‐12 environment

Note: Certification is not required, just active teaching status.

Application requirements include:

  • Completed graduate application
  • Nonrefundable application fee of $60.00 by check, money order or credit card. The fee must be payable in U.S. currency and all checks must be drawn on U.S. banks. TheUniversity of the Arts graduates are exempt from the fee.
  • Official transcripts from each undergraduate and graduate school(s) attended. Transcripts should be sent directly by the Registrar's Office at the college(s) or school(s) involved to the Professional Institute for Educators(320 S. Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19102). For transcripts from outside the United States, please refer to the instructions in the transcript section for international students available on the UArts website at
  • A Statement of the applicant’s academic and professional goals, approximately two pages long. This writing sample will be used as one of the criteria for evaluating the application. The applicant should state their professional plans, interests and goals.
  • A résumé relevant to academic and professional experience to include the applicant’s name; address; phone; email; colleges attended with degrees, dates conferred, grade point average; employment history; professional experience; present employer; and names ofreferences.
  • Three letters of recommendation (NOT REQUIRED OF CERTIFICATE APPLICANTS)
  • GRE scores are encouraged, but not required, for all programs. To register for the GRE, go to Educational Testing Service at We will accept both the old and new GRE. Official test scores must be sent by ETS to the University. The correct institution code to use when requesting scoresis 2664. You do not need a departmental code.


How do I submit my application materials?
Application materials can be submitted to the Division of Continuing Studies in the following ways:

  • Walk‐in: TerraHall, 211 S. Broad Street (Corner of Broad +Walnut Streets), 9th Floor, Room 901
  • Mail - USPS: Professional Institute for Educators, The University ofthe Arts, 320 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102
  • Mail - FedEx +UPS: Professional Institute for Educators, The University ofthe Arts, 311 S. Juniper Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107
  • Fax: 215.717.6538

Is a portfolio or audition required to apply to this program?
No, neither a portfolio nor an audition isrequired for admission. These programs are centered in professional education and teaching practice, not creative performance or materials.

Do I need to submit Praxis exams or test scores?
The Praxis exams are not required in our application process. GRE scores are encouraged, but not required, for the MEd or graduate certificate programs.

Is there a deadline for admission?
Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

What is the required GPA for admission?
While we do not have a minimum GPA requirement for the MEd or graduate certificate programs, we recommend that applicants have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 and a minimum of one year of full‐time K‐12 teaching experience to be considered for these programs. While in the program, students must maintain a 3.0 g.p.a. to remain in good standing.

When will I hear about my acceptance?
Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Applicants will be notified oftheir admissions decision by mail within three weeks of submitting all items required for their application.

When are classes typically offered? Can I take classes year-round?
Yes, MEd and graduate certificate classes are offered year-round during each of the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. UArts offers online, hybrid, face-to-face and intensive summer classes in multiple locations throughout the Philadelphia region.

What is the difference between the 'area of emphais' within the MEd program and graduate certificates?
 For the MEd, content is selected as 'an area of emphais' to complement the core MEd curriculum. This content is also offered as a stand-alone graduate certificate to meet the needs of teachers seeking further instruction in specialized or new areas of teaching.

What is the difference between matriculated and non-matriculated programs?
Matriculated programs earn students an official credential in their chosen area of study from the University of the Arts. These programs require official application and acceptance before registration is permitted. Matriculated program options include the Master of Education in Educational Program Design (EDPD), Master of Education in Educational Technology (ETEC) and graduate certificates in the areas of Educational Technology (ETEC), Inclusion (INCL), Literacy (LITY),  and The Arts (VPAS, PRES or UTPS).

Students may elect to enroll in some of the same course options available to matriculated students without officially enrolling in either the MEd or graduate certificate programs. Students who elect to do so are considered non-matriculated and these courses are designated with an “NM” in the course number.

Additionally, the Professional Institute for Educators continues to offer courses that serve strictly as professional development opportunities, which earn the student graduate credits but cannot be applied toward a matriculated degree or certificate program. These courses are designated with an “ED” in the course title. Please note that application requirements, prerequisite restrictions and tuition rates do vary between program and course options.

Please contact us at or 215.717.6092 to discuss which option is best for you.

What are the benefits of the MEd and graduate certificate programs?
MEd and graduate certificate students are offered the following benefits:

  • UArts Student Photo ID MEd and graduate certificate students receive an official UArts photo ID for accessing UArts buildings and services. The ID also enables students to receive discounts at Philadelphia eateries, stores, entertainment and cultural venues – plus free admission to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Perelman Building and Rodin Museum.
  • UArts Library Borrowing Privileges MEd and graduate certificate students may use the UArts library, borrow materials and access extensive digital resources.
  • UArts Alumni Status UArts alumni are eligible for library privileges, a 25% tuition discount on all Professional Institute for Educators and Continuing Education classes as well as discounts on insurance, hotels and local cultural venues. Visit‐services for a list of all alumni benefits.

What is the policy for transfer credits?
A maximum of six credits of graduate coursework may be transferred from accredited institutions outside of the University and/or non‐matriculated graduate credit earned from the University of the Arts toward the MEd in Educational Program Design.

A maximum of three credits of graduate coursework may be transferred from accredited institutions outside of the University and/or non‐matriculated graduate credit earned from the University of the Arts toward graduate certificate programs offered by the Professional Institute for Educators.

Credits may be applied toward the graduate degree or certificate requirements upon approval of the Program Director. All transfer credits must be graduate‐level classes or upper‐level undergraduate classes taken for graduate credit at an accredited college or university, and the student must have earned a grade of B‐ or higher. Additional information, such as syllabi, may be requested in order to determine course content applicability. Only credits are transferable, not grades.

Do the MEd and/or graduate certificate programs lead to teaching certification?
These programs do not lead to Pennsylvania Department of Education state certification for entry into public schools. These programs are designed for K-12 in-service teachers.

May I apply to the MEd even though I am not currently working in a classroom?
The program is designed for in-service teachers currently working in the classroom. The program does not grant certification for new teachers seeking to enter the profession. If you already have teaching certification and have taught previously in K-12 classrooms, you may apply even if you are not presently working in the classroom.

What if I am interested in earning certification to become a public classroom teacher?
Certification is not part of this Master of Education program or the graduate certificates. If you need certification or licensure you will need to contact the Board of Education in your state to learn about the requirements. The University ofthe Arts offers degree programs for certification in Music and Art Education.

For more information, please visit:

Are courses offered online? Or hybrid?
Yes, some MEd and graduate certificate courses are offered in online and hybrid formats. Online and hybrid courses have the same learning objectives and use the same faculty and curriculum as our traditional classroom courses. Participants have 24/7 access to course materials and can work at their own pace any time of day.  Online education is not for everyone. Students wishing to enroll in online and hybrid courses must meet the following minimum requirements:

• Access to a computer with a web browser, Microsoft Office or equivalent and Adobe Acrobat Reader
•High speed Internet access
•Comfort working on computers, including saving, deleting, uploading and moving files
•Ability to install software, as needed

Students in online and hybrid courses are required to participate in weekly discussions and complete all projects and assignments indicated in the syllabus. Hybrid courses include a blend of in‐person and online sessions.

Am I required to write and defend a thesis?
MEd students are required to take EDPD 701 Capstone Project as their final course in the program. This course serves as the culminating experience for the program where students bring together the sum of their MEd and concentration coursework. In this course, students will select and develop a project plan/ proposal, review and analyze literature related to the project topic, submit a full bibliography and literature review.  The final project is reviewed by the Capstone committee. While a formal thesis defense is not required, Capstone projects must be approved by the Capstone committee in order for students to graduate.

May I earn more than one graduate certificate?
We advise students to apply and enroll in only one certificate program at a time and complete the requirements of that certificate program. We welcome students to return to our programs to pursue additional certificates or coursework that build their skills for the classroom.

How much does this program cost?
The cost per credit for all courses in the MEd or graduate certificate programs is $630 for the 2015-2016 academic year (June 2015 – June 2016).

Is financial aid available?
Federal financial aid is not available for these programs but the University does offer payment plans.  Please the Payment Plan section of our website for more infomration