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Payment Plans

Payment Plans are available for students enrolled in the M.Ed. Educational Program Design major or M.Ed. Educational Technology major and/or Professional Institute for Educators graduate certificate programs. PAYMENT PLANS ARE NOT AVAILBLE FOR SUMMER 2014.    Please visit this page again in July for detailed information about Fall 2014 payment plans.  General information related to payment plans is listed below. 



Students who enroll in a payment plan will be required to pay a $50 enrollment fee each semester they enroll in a payment plan.  This fee is charged once per semester even if a student is enrolled in plans for more than one course.  Enrollment fee is due at the time of payment plan registration.


Course fees vary by class and are applied to specific operational costs incurred in certain classes, studios or labs.  Payment of course fees is nonrefundable and required at time of registration for the course and payment plan.  Course fee information is available in both the brochure and online. 


Students will be charged a $50 Late Fee when payments are submitted after the scheduled payment due date per the schedule outlined above.


Students will be able to make payments online by credit card via the Univeristy of the Arts Portal.  Students may also submit payment by credit card or check by mail, fax or phone by contacting the Professional Institute for Educators:

Univeristy of the Arts, Professional Institute for Educators

320 S. Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19102

Phone: 215.717.6006

Fax: 215.717.6538