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Faculty Spotlight: Leanne Grimes

Leanne Grimes

Leanne Grimes

Faculty Spotlight: Leanne Grimes

By Caitlin Perkins, UArts Continuing Education Director

Leanne Grimes is teaching a five week painting course through UArts Continuing Education called Watercolor Workshop - Observational + Still Life Painting this fall. I had a chance to catch up with her to ask her about the course and what students will learn.

Q: Why were you interested in teaching at UARTS?

A: I wanted to teach at UArts because of the students. It attracts very creative and dedicated individuals. In fact, there is a family connection to the school--my brother went to UArts for Industrial Design, and my mother received her Masters in Art Education from UArts.

Q: What is your favorite subject to teach?

A: Color and color theory. In this workshop we will do exercises to help with your paintings--you want to learn to mix colors according to what you are seeing, we might turn some of these into collages, we'll do color experiments, and we'll be making color charts that you can reference later.

Q: What are some of the challenges for new watercolor painters?

A: You can see all the mistakes. We will approach painting in a way so that you are prepared to use these "mistakes" to your advantage.

People can get really tight in their watercolor paintings because of a desire for highly rendered detailed, but through our classroom exercises we will work on loosening up your painting technique.

Q: What are some of the key ideas in creating a great painting?

A: Striking a purposeful composition is definitely key. But, in addition we will think about color and color relationships – we will talk about analogous color and more dynamic color combinations. We will use the value in color to build volume in your paintings and we will also talk about the shapes of color, and think about how to use shapes to make a painting.

Q: What often surprises people about painting with watercolor?

A: The vibrancy that comes from using transparent pigments! People are often surprised by how much control you can have over the medium.

Join Leanne Grimes this fall in the UArts studios! Click here to learn more.

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