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Michael Aronovitz, Writer + Instructor

Michael Aronovitz, Writer + Instructor

In the Spotlight with Michael Aronovitz

Short stories are adventures, especially when we write them ourselves. In order to create tales that mystify, enrich, enliven, and entertain, we have constructed a village of artists that workshop ideas and techniques in a class that is interactive and ultimately engaging. As the instructor, I have been given the opportunity to showcase some of the wonderful and diverse stories that have been developed in the given five week sessions we have enjoyed here at the University of the Arts over the last year. The component of this that brings me the most pride is the polish of the given stories, achieved in such a short time span through what is an obvious love of writing and a clear classroom community focus on detail and aesthetics. In other words, we helped each other write some awesome stories!

Here are a selection of short stories submitted by my students from the Writing the Short Story course this past summer. Click the red title to open a PDF version of the story to read.

Muddy Knees by Chris Porter, 2016
A strange inside view of the homeless through a lens of biting poetic irony.

The Sisters by Rachel Brody, 2016
A potent sense of familiarity as we are brought into a familial relationship rich with deep sensitivity and razor-edged truth.

Wring by Edwin Haigh, 2016
A fierce, atmospheric and timeless sense of disequilibrium and a new definition of "monster" and "other."

Saying Yes by Samantha Andreacchi, 2016
A psychological journey through which relationships between the elderly and their caregivers are redefined. Brilliant and harsh. Raw and illuminating.

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