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Circa 1995, Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery

Circa 1995, Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery






Deciding where to head on First Friday? Planning your next gallery hop? Each month, Continuing Education faculty member Adam Lovitz will curate a selection of new and current exhibitions and happenings each month.


Adam's Picks:


Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery of The University of the Arts 
Circa 1995
Tristin Lowe, Virgil Marti, Michael Macfeat,
Eileen Neff, Stuart Netsky, and Jennie Shanker
Oct 17 - Nov 16

Locks Gallery
The Space Between Lines
Sol LeWitt, Ralph Humphrey, Thomas Chimes, Warren Rohrer, Sean Scully, Lee Ufan, Pat Steir
Oct 12 - Nov 17

Vox Populi
Trim Tab
Kelsey Halliday Johnson
Nov 4 - Dec 18

Kamihira (image below)
Sinead Cahill, Mariel Capanna, Micah Danges, Adam Lovitz, John Mitchell, Thomas Pontone
Nov 6 /  Noon to Sunset  / 2527 Frankford¬if_id=1476905398711337

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