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Interactive Presentations and Blended + Flipped Learning with NEW PIE + MEd Faculty Maria Geiger

Maria Geiger, PIE + MEd Faculty

Maria Geiger, PIE + MEd Faculty

Join Maria this Winter for Interactive Presentations and Blended + Flipped Learning

In Interactive Presentations with Maria Geiger, students will explore the evolving ways to interact via video, back channeling, 3-D animations, whiteboards, screen-casting, and with other tools. All applications introduced in the course are free, with iPad-approved options available for those teachers who use iPads in their classrooms.

Also with Maria is Blended + Flipped Learning: What is it All About? Are you looking to expand your knowledge of - and ways to best facilitate - blended and flipped learning? Explore the multiple ways to optimize - and to comfortably and appropriately balance - classroom time and at-home time within blended and flipped formats.

Maria Geiger is an undergraduate writing instructor and freelance writer/editor. She recently conducted an educational technology integration workshop at the New Jersey Writer’s Alliance (NJWA), which draws K-20 teachers from across the state of NJ. Maria is a graduate of the VOLT program at the University of Pennsylvania, and the Director of Content and Web Editor at PrepHound, a college consulting company.

Register at or call 215.717.6006.

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