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Instructor Profile: Helen Tegeler

Helen Tegeler is teaching Glass Fusing + Slumping and Glass Sampler at GoggleWorks Center for the Arts this fall. She has a BFA in Glass and Printmaking from Bowling Green State University and an MFA in Glass from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Before earning her MFA, Tegler participated in advanced studies at Sheridan College, School of Crafts and Design in Oakville, Ontario. "It was in Canada that I realized how much I enjoyed the energy of the classroom and helping others learn new things," she said.

Tegeler is interested in working with glass because it is such a versatile material. "Manipulated both in a hot and cold state it can be graceful or crisp, transparent or opaque, colorful or clear," she said. Recently she started to include more mixed media which highlights the glass but explores new visual and tactile textures. Tegeler's work is inspired by natural forms and the connections between color, textures and memory. She exhibits her work nationally and has taught across the US and Canada, including a 2010 Visiting Artist residency at River City Works, Art Academy of Cincinnati.

This fall, Helen Tegeler is teaching Glass Sampler at GoggleWorks beginning Saturday, October 30. Click on the course title for more information and to register.

Photo:  "Sundews," blow/engraved glass, enamel, 2007, (tallest) 17" x 3.5"

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Featured Program: Teaching Artist Certificate

UArts Continuing Education is pleased to announce our second cohort of students in the Teaching Artist Certificate program. They are a diverse group of students representing a wide range of artistic disciplines from the visual arts, theater arts, dance and multimedia. Read about the new Teaching Artist Certificate cohort below and see why they have chosen to be a part of this novel program.

Kristin Mangam
"The Teaching Artist Certificate Program appeals to me as an artist because I do not want to be a full-time teacher but rather a resource for teachers to call on to further their own curriculum. I want to be able to continue building my own portfolio and keep up my studio practice as well as being able to reach out to schools and teachers. I sincerely want to work with teachers and communities to build up solid art programs for children in schools where the art programs are substandard or nonexistent. This program seems to be the perfect route to achieving my goals of reaching out to the community around me and teaching others that the arts are indispensible tools for learning."

Brooks Jones

"I've been dancing for 15 years on a serious level and performing non-professionally for most of that time until about 7 years ago when I began my career as a theatrical dancer. I hope to pass along what I learn to the next generations in a better manner than it was given to me. I want to help my dance theatre company reach heights of excellence. I want to create work that is both on the cutting edge and to make a mark that will last the test of time."

Jody Sweitzer
"I view myself as a mixed-media sculptor. Throughout the years, I've combined my education of various mediums and processes with my passion for found objects - man-made and/or natural - to create conceptual spaces as well as wearable art. During my MFA experience I was completely challenged and questioned, which strengthen my views as an artist. I feel that with a better understanding of student behavior and classroom practices, I can only strengthen my teaching skills and become a better teacher."

Jamie Merwin
"My main tools for creation are techniques I borrow from theatre, concert dance and literature: the physical utility is Breakin', one style of Hip Hop dance. I hesitate to say that achieving the certificate will validate my role in the classroom because that implies that the arts and artists are an afterthought. This is the mainstream reality. That is one reason why this program is progressive, once in practice, the artists who are armed with the information that the certificate achieves can be intentional about putting the arts in the foreground. For me it will allow me to be intentional about my training as an educator."

Jarrett De Stouet
"I started writing about two years ago and to date I have written nearly 400 pieces of prose. My writing is important to my development as an artist as it explores the struggles I have encountered in my life. I have a special love for performance art. I plan to expand upon my formal education by traveling to inner city high schools locally and abroad, as an artist, poet and writer, and plan on pursing my artistic abilities by performing with regional theatre companies here in Philadelphia and New York, as well as with touring companies, principally performing in theatre productions for children. I will always work in some capacity with children, as I am also a veteran behavioral health worker, excited to be returning back to work this fall to work with troubled youth. As an artist, I strive to share my joy from the inside out."

Kelsey Harro
"I have always been interested in the side of art that is outside the gallery scene-the odd corners which contain the types of images that real people connect with. This, combined with a love of painting really big, led me into theatre for a while, and then eventually to the Mural Arts Program. Along the way I discovered teaching, and it has proved to be much more rewarding and exciting than I could have imagined. My own work tends to be detailed, narrative and figurative, but when I work with kids I tend to gravitate to large scale collaborative projects, especially those that include handmade elements. I love teaching clay to kids, because it is an opportunity to illustrate that delicate balance between strength and patience that is vital to well adjusted adults."

Morris Burns
"I consider myself somewhere between a representational and a surrealist artist. My work comes from observation, people's stories, current events, my imagination, and my own real life. My current career requires me to utilize my writing and singing abilities with my students among virtually every aspect of art, and I know it is important for me to gain some further knowledge. I want to increase my artistic knowledge of crafts and to widen my abilities as an art instructor and working artist."


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Instructor Profile: Alexis Granwell

Alexis Granwell is teaching Drawing and Studio Painting for CE this fall. She also teaches Drawing for the Pre-College Saturday School and Summer Institute.

As a young girl, Granwell loved making things and would spend a lot of time drawing or building dioramas. Her grandmother was a painter, and she credits studying her grandmother's mark-making and brushstrokes in the pieces her parents had around the house as one of her earliest influences. Having grown up outside Washington, D.C., Granwell said she was also lucky enough to have visited the National Gallery over and over again. "Seeing artwork has always been an inspiration for me," she said.

Graduating with a BFA in Painting from Boston University, Granwell then earned an MFA in Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania. Recently, Granwell has been most interested in working somewhere between painting and sculpture. She is inspired by urban decay and intrigued by the cyclical aspect of structures falling apart and being rebuilt. "I study and collect arrangements of trash and weathered objects that fill the surrounding neighborhood by my studio," she said. "These eroded items fit together to create their own language of strength and fragility."

In her 3-D work, Granwell often incorporates found objects with objects she has constructed or cast out of paper. She is interested in the boundaries between the beautiful and the abject. "The forms themselves are made from materials that can be easily broken during construction and they will degrade over time." She sees these sculptures and installations as events still occurring.

Granwell has exhibited work in group shows locally and regionally as well as nationally and internationally. Shows slated for 2010 include The Print Center in Ontario, Canada, and BMW Headquarters International Group Exhibition in Beijing, China, among others. Granwell has also had solo exhibitions in Philadelphia, Arlington, Va., and Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2009 Granwell was awarded a Professional Development Grant
from the University of the Arts Division of Continuing Studies and a Keyholder's Residency Fellowship at the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in Silver Spring, Md.

In addition to her studio practice and teaching, Granwell has spent the past year curating shows and performing studio visits for the Philadelphia collective gallery, Tiger Strikes Asteroid. She first became interested in curating after exposure to visiting critics and artist panels while in graduate school. As a curator and member of this Philadelphia art gallery, Granwell has become more attuned to the contemporary art scenes in New York and Philadelphia. She believes this knowledge enriches her curriculum. "The concept of artist as curator is another way to prepare and educate students about the diverse global art market," she said.

Granwell is teaching Drawing on Tuesday nights beginning September 28. The course runs from 7:00 - 10:00 pm for 10 weeks and ends on November 30. She is also teaching a 10-week Studio Painting course on Thursday nights from 7:00 - 10:00 pm. Studio Painting is September 30 - December 9. Visit her website at

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Featured Course: Portfolio Preparation

Do you know a high school student who needs to get their portfolio ready for college applications? The Pre-College Saturday School's Portfolio Preparation class runs from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm for ten Saturdays beginning Oct 4. The Scholarship Deadline is Friday, Sept. 24. See the scholarship page on our website for details.

Students can find out what colleges are looking for in a portfolio while working with a variety of 2-D media to create between four to six pieces suitable for a college application portfolio. Subjects of study include the human figure (nude models), portraiture, design and still life. Students have an opportunity to review work they created in and outside of class with a UArts Admissions counselor.

This course is limited to high school juniors and seniors. Students are divided into two sections after a proficiency exercise is conducted on the first day. This fall, Portfolio Preparation's two sections will taught by Kate Brown and Denise Lewandowski-Desideriol. Click on the course title above for more information and to register.

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Instructor Profile: Tom Palumbo

Tom Palumbo has an MEd from Temple University and is a nationally known educator, graduate instructor, author, grant writer and administrator. He has been employed by Philadelphia-area public schools for nearly 40 years. "I have been lucky to have always found creative, sharing teachers and friends that have made teaching interesting and a continual joy," he said.

Palumbo has also been a prolific writer in the field of education having written 18 books as well as professional development programs, instructional CDs, activity disks, magazine articles, teaching booklets and convention presentations.

Like his mentors Alan Barson and Bob Bernstein before him, Palumbo has the ability to take hard concepts, break them up and refashion them so all levels of learners can be excited about what they're studying. He takes this approach when teaching educators as well. "The first joy is my students," he said. "Every day they amaze you with their uniqueness, humor, learning styles, problems and views on learning."

This fall, Tom Palumbo is teaching Enriching the K-7 Language Arts Curriculum, an online class beginning Sept 20. His online course Reading + Writing Across the Curriculum begins Oct 20. At the Philadelphia Academy Charter School, Palumbo is teaching Integrating Language Arts + Math (K-7) beginning Oct 19 and Integrating Classic Children's Literature into the Classroom beginning Nov 2.

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University of the Arts to Host Career ReDesign Fair + Open House for Adult Learners Interested in Career-Enhancing Certificate Programs

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ArtsWeek Program at the University of the Arts Offers Graduate Credits to K-12 Arts Educators

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University of the Arts Continuing Studies Program Re-Designs, Re-Launches Nation's First Teaching Artist Certification Program

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ArtsWeek Program at the University of the Arts Earns 'Co-Sponsored Academy' Designation from National Art Education Association

  • ArtsWeek NAEA Co-Sponsored Academy press release
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Former University of the Arts Pre-College Film Student Presents as Part of the Young Artists Series in Hammonton, NJ

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The University of the Arts Receives Approval to Offer Certificate Programs as Veterans Administration Educational Benefit

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The University of the Arts Division of Continuing Studies Hosts Career ReDesign Fair + Open House

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The University of the Arts, PAEP, and PCA Launch Nation’s First Teaching Artist Certification Program

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One-Day Workshop: Teaching Art to Students Who Learn Differently

Earn Act 48 Activity Hours in this one-day workshop designed for teachers and coordinators of art education programs in K–12.

Teaching Art to Students Who Learn Differently: A Look at Curriculum, Inclusion, Interdisciplinary + Multicultural Connections, Strategies and Technology will take place from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm on Saturday, September 25.

Keynote speaker Adrienne Hunter is a pioneer in teaching art to in-crisis, at-risk and incarcerated students, and an art education advocate. She was the first recipient of the NAEA Special Needs Art Educator of the Year Award. Hunter is currently the President-Elect of the NAEA/Special Needs Art Educators. 

Workshop participants select two of seven break-out sessions to customize the day’s experience. Visit for session details, faculty bios and a registration form. Register by mail, fax (215.717.6538) or phone (215.717.6006). 

Space limited - register early!

Registration includes free parking, lunch and continental breakfast. Participants earn six Act 48 activity hours. Registration fee $45 (discount for full-time college students with current ID).

One-Day Workshop Website -

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CS to Host Career ReDesign Fair + Open House

Recognizing the need for focused professional training for adults seeking preparation for career advancement, practical job skills and an opportunity to achieve their creative potential, the Division of Continuing Studies at the University of the Arts is hosting a Career ReDesign Fair + Open House on Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 5:30 pm.  The event will take place on the 9th Floor of Terra Hall at 211 S. Broad Street.

“Attending our fall open house event introduces prospective students to the Continuing Education courses and certificate programs that will expand their career options and expose them to opportunities they may never have considered,” said Robert Craig, Continuing Education Coordinator at the University of the Arts. “Our open house setting is relaxed and informal. With about 25 faculty, staff and students from Continuing Studies programs on hand, prospective students get the personal attention they need as they visit with faculty or talk with current students about our programs.”

In addition to certificates in Print Design, Web Design, Dual Print + Web Design, Web Development, Dual Web Design + Development, Digital Photography, and Portfolio Development, this fall will be the second cohort of Teaching Artist Certificate students. This certificate is the first of its kind in the nation and it provides a foundation for artists to share their craft in the classroom. At 6:00 pm, a special information session will be conducted for artists interested in taking this next step and becoming members of a professional cohort at the forefront of educational reform through the arts. Individuals interested in this exciting certificate are encouraged to attend this information session with an open question and answer forum. Attendees will be given an opportunity to hear from current Teaching Artist students and faculty.

Whether the goal is to change careers, upgrade skills or pursue a passion, the Continuing Education Certificate Programs provide students with the tools they need to fulfill professional and creative goals. “I have learned a tremendous amount in a short span of time in my classes,” said Lee Mansfield, Web Design + Development Dual Certificate student.  “As a longtime print designer transitioning to web design, the knowledge I’m gaining is a great way for me to move my career in the direction I want to go.”

Certificate students will not only receive their certification from the University of the Arts but will also be granted alumni status providing many of the unique opportunities for alumni that the University has to offer. For more information about the Career ReDesign Fair + CS Open House, the Continuing Education Certificate Programs, or other CE courses, please visit, email or call 215.717.6095.



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Heather Jo Wingate Joins CS as Pre-College Programs + Outreach Coordinator

The Division of Continuing Studies is pleased to announce that Heather Jo Wingate is our new Pre-College Programs + Outreach Coordinator. Wingate joins us from the Delaware Art Museum, where she has been running courses and camps for youth and adults as Studio Programs Manager.|

Wingate has a BFA in Painting/Drawing and an MA in Museum Education from the University of the Arts. She has worked with students and artists of all ages as a teacher, manager and mentor. She has been teaching in Pre-College Programs and the Professional Institute for Educators since 2006. Wingate actively exhibits her artwork at local galleries, boutiques and cafes such as Padlock, Topstitch, Chapterhouse and Amberella.

We also send our best wishes to Rosi Dispensa, former Coordinator and part of the Pre-College team in various capacities since 2004. Dispensa left to pursue her artwork and continue her education, but she will be returning to the classroom this summer to teach Darkroom Photography II in the Pre-College Summer Institute.


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Teaching Artist Certificate Redesigned for Fall 2010 + Student Exhibition

The Continuing Education Teaching Artist Certificate is an unprecedented program inclusive of all the arts: visual, performing, literary, media and crafts. Recognizing the role of the artist as a vital component of PreK-12 educational reform, the program was designed by the University of the Arts and the Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

This research-based certificate program will build the knowledge and capacity of artists to work alongside teachers and arts specialists in PreK-12 classrooms and community settings to create and implement best practices residency programs that support learning in and through the arts.

Redesigned for fall 2010, the Teaching Artist Certificate program can now be completed in four semesters. For more information about the course requirements and application process, visit the Certificate Programs section of our website.  The fall 2010 application deadline is Friday, September 17, 2010.

On display on the 9th Floor of Terra Hall (211 S. Broad) is the work of Teaching Artist Certificate students Erin McGee Ferrell, Tremain Smith and Mark Wong. Join us for the exhibition reception on Wednesday, April 7 from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm.  Hors d\'oeuvres and refreshments will be served.

Also on display is the work of Pre-College instructor Jessica Frye and her Saturday Arts Lab students Ruja Ballard, Allison Burns, Eyana Burton, Decotis Gianfranco, Denise Drayton, Priscilla Drayton, Charles Forrest, Tiaza Hill, Kaitlin Johnson, Lena Keys, Khari McClary, Heaven Thomas, Phoenix Ward and Taylor Weisman.

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Featured Instructor: Justin Binek

"I am a jazz musician because of what it represents: artistry, dedication, diligence to craft, creativity, and spontaneity," Binek said. A dedicated and accomplished performer, Binek has expertise in both jazz and classical music on voice, piano, saxophone and steel pans. He has also directed many instrumental and choral ensembles in a variety of styles, and is Director for the University of the Arts Jazz Singers.

While pursuing his Master\'s degree, Binek was greatly influenced by his voice teacher, Diana Spradling. She was beginning the research on her groundbreaking book, Jazz Singing: Developing Artistry and Authenticity and encouraged Binek to think about every aspect of his musicianship - to analyze how he sang a scat solo both in terms of theory and vocal technique, for example. When Binek realized he had a passion for teaching, he incorporated some of Spradling\'s techniques and provided his own spin on her ideas and philosophies. In 2007, he was the recipient of the President\'s Award for Outstanding Teaching by a Junior Faculty Member at the University of the Arts.

As an instructor, Binek enjoys helping students find their "voice," and is a firm believer in classical training for all singers. While singing jazz is a stylistic choice, he believes it shouldn\'t be at the expense of technique. "Too often jazz musicians - especially singers - tend to think that there is a 'jazz sound,' a smoky, overly affected, frankly boring approach to singing," he said. "I pride myself on being able to help my students be effective jazz stylists while still singing like themselves."

In addition to his roles as performer, conductor and instructor, Binek also has a long list of compositions and arrangements. He is a frequent presenter at local, regional, national and international conferences and festivals. "Jazz music is refined technique combined with raw passion," Binek added. "It is creative improvisation within an intricate framework. It is spending hours in the practice room working on minute details so that the performance can be completely free and open. It gives me balance, and it gives me a reason to wake up smiling every morning."

This summer, Binek is teaching for the Pre-College Summer Institute Music Studies program. From July 12 - 16, the Instrumental week is dedicated to improving a student\'s ability on their instrument or voice while developing skills and understanding of playing contemporary styles. Week two is Jazz Performance, July 19 - 23. Students further explore their technique while playing and performing jazz in small groups, large ensembles and improv groups while studying theory and ear training. Students have the choice of enrolling in either week alone, or participating in both weeks from July 12 - July 23.

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CE Named Philadelphia Magazine Best Adult Classes 2009

Continuing Education at the University of the Arts was named the Philadelphia region's "Best Adult Classes" in the 2009 Best of Philly issue of Philadelphia magazine.

The article reads: "The Continuing Education program at UArts isn't exactly a time tunnel back to your carefree college days, but you will feel that old rush of excitement (a world of possibility!) when presented with the chance to see if you might be a poetry genius or a budding Ralph Lauren. And should you realize after a couple of classes that you're not, at least this time you're not blowing through the dough Mom and Dad worked years to save. Choose from any number of courses and weekend workshops-encouraging instructors guide students through everything from screen-printing to torch-fired enamel jewelry design."

Philadelphia magazine annually selects "the best of the best" in a wide range of categories, from restaurants and art galleries to landscaping companies and romantic first-date venues, from TV meteorologists to hotel spas.

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