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The Professional Institute for Educators

Through graduate courses, the Professional Institute for Educators develops innovative and creative educational programming to serve the professional development needs of K-12 teachers in and through the arts. PIE is a recipient of the Pennsylvania State Education Association Seal of Recognition.

Summer 2017
ArtsWeek 2017
2017 MEd Catalogue

Full Course Catalogue

A complete listing of courses + course descriptions for all programs offered through the Professional Institute for Educators + MEd Programs.

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ArtsWeek 2017: Goggleworks

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ArtsWeek 2017: The University of the Arts, Philadelphia

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FREE Course for K-12 Teachers: Comics + Graphic Novels

Comics + Graphic Novels as Primary Sources   This course provides a general overview of the history of comics and graphic novels, particularly as social commentary in the U.S., using the resources of the…
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FREE Course for K-12 Teachers: WPA Posters

Posters for the People - Using WPA Sources In the 1930s, the United States was in crisis. The economic system had collapsed and one-quarter of the country’s workforce was unemployed. In…
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FREE Course for K-12 Teachers: Photography

Who Are We? – Constructing Identity Through Images Photography has always been a democratic medium and virtually anyone can make a photograph, but learning how to read images and understand what…
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