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Integrating ePublishing into the Curriculum
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ETEC 517NM 01 Integrating ePublishing into the Curriculum

ETEC 517NM 01

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Kenneth Kay


CS Online Course

Fall 2017

  • (Nov. 8 to Dec. 6)
  • 3.00 Credits
  • 3.00 Graduate Credits
  • Tuition: $1010 / Fees: $50
This course provides instruction in eBook resources and authoring tools. It will cover the broad free ePublishing resources for accessing ebooks, creating ebooks and determining which tools to use, depending on the targeted audience and degree of multimedia content. Students will first examine the impact of interactive ebooks on learning and the ebook formats and then concentrate on locating and sharing ebooks of various genres (i.e., fiction, nonfiction and textbooks). The last component of the course will involve incorporating free tools to create interactive reading books, textbooks, magazines, posters and pamphlets.