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ETEC 518NM 01 Interactive Presentations

ETEC 518NM 01

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Maria Geiger


CS Online Course

Summer 2017

  • (Jul. 24 to Aug. 18)
  • 3.00 Credits
  • 3.00 Graduate Credits
  • Tuition: $1010 / Fees: $50
While Powerpoint and Prezi are options, they are nowhere near the only options, with which to create interactive presentations for use in today's classroom. Browser-based applications present countless presentation features to help foster student engagement, interaction, assessment, and communication. This course will explore the web's potential for interactivity, including slideshows and videos, back channeling, 3-D, animations, interactive whiteboards, screencasting, online debates, collaboration, and brainstorming tools. All applications introduced in the course are free, with iPad-approved options available for those teachers who use them in their classrooms.