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The Professional Institute for Educators empowers educators across disciplines to continually advance their teaching skills to improve learning for all students. Through graduate courses, certificates and degree programs, PIE develops innovative and creative educational programming to serve the professional development needs of K-12 teachers in and through the arts.

Professional Institute for Educators Student Learning Outcomes

  • Educators will enhance skills to improve teaching and student learning, both within specific subject areas and across disciplines, to increase their effectiveness in the classroom.
  • Educators will implement techniques to evaluate, critique and assess student learning.
  • Educators will gain skills, tools and techniques to enrich creative education through the arts to ensure high-quality arts education in schools.
  • Educators will recognize and apply methods to address and serve all students.
  • Educators will recognize and foster their role in the lives of students by participating in and exploring the arts and humanities in order to integrate cultural resources into their classroom.


The Professional Institute for Educators was founded as the New Teacher Center in 1973. The Center offered community outreach courses within the Philadelphia College of Performing Arts. The mission has remained: to provide innovative and creative graduate-level courses to expand the knowledge and skill base for teaching in and through the arts.

Serving educators for over 40 years, PIE has featured a wide range of educational experiences - including studio intensives, arts travel, cultural partnerships, custom programming, and more.

In recognition of the ever-changing needs of today’s educator in today’s classroom, PIE continues to design and develop rewarding and practical educational experiences for educators across all experience levels throughout the region.

PIE is an approved provider for PA Act 48 and NJ Professional Development.