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Students who have completed course work in either the Professional Institute for Educators (PIE) or Summer Music Studies (SMS) program earn graduate credit but this has not been reflected on the transcript type issued by The University of the Arts. PIE and SMS students are asked to list their highest university credentials on registration materials but to date have not been required to provide official documentation of these credentials.

If a student would like for his/her official University of the Arts transcript to reflect Graduate Record, please download instructions to complete the  Graduate Credit Petition. In addition to completing the Graduate Record Petition, students will be required to submit a copy of their transcript from universities attended where the highest level degree was earned.

The completion of the Graduate Credit Petition will convert all existing and future coursework taken through either PIE or SMS to be listed on The University of the Arts transcript as an academic level of "Graduate Record" instead of "Continuing Studies." This petition will only need to be completed one time in order for a student’s coursework to be reflected as Graduate Record.

The Office of the Registrar produces transcripts for all Graduate and Undergraduate Programs, Continuing Education, Professional Institute for Educators and Non-matriculated Coursework. In order to process a transcript request, the student's account must be in good financial standing.

Please request all official transcripts directly from the University Registrar, either online, in person, or by mail.  For more details, please visit the Office of the Registrar online at or call (215) 717-6420 or email 

Request for PA Act 48 Credit: Complete and sign an Act 48 Request Form and return to the PIE + MEd program office by email, fax or in person.  PIE + MEd will submit completed hours to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).