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Tuition + Fees

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Tuition in the Professional Institute for Educators at the University of the Arts is listed on each course page.  Specialized courses, partnership courses, and those with fewer than three credits are offered at custom rates. 


Course fees vary by course, according to specific operational costs incurred for that particular class, studio or lab. Payment of fees is required at the time of registration and is nonrefundable. 


       TUITION - $350 per credit 

       COURSE FEES - Varies by course, typically $50- $100

Refund Policy

All refunds, less nonrefundable deposits and fees, are calculated as follows:

  • 100% refund, less the nonrefundable course fee + $50 fee for withdrawal five business days prior to the first class
  • No refund for withdrawal fewer than five business days

Course fees are nonrefundable. All withdrawals must be submitted in writing via email to . The date stamp is the date used to calculate the refund amount. Please allow up to 10 business days for review.

Note: It is not our policy to transfer registration from one course to another. Requests of this nature will be processed as a withdrawal, according to the refund policy above.  

The Professional Institute for Educators strongly encourages students to seek pre-approval from their school district before registering for courses.  Refunds will not be granted to students who request to withdraw because their school district denies approval for tuition reimbursement.  Request to transfer course registration due to school district approvals will be permitted without financial penalty.


Tuition Discounts and Scholarships

Discounts are calculated and reflected at the time of registration, cannot be applied retroactively, and are available via phone registration only.  Discounts apply to tuition only.

Students can redeem tuition discounts on non-matriculated coursework only.

Note: Discounts do not apply to UArts Teaching with Primary Sources courses as the tuition for these courses is already reduced.

Arts Alumni Discount (25%)

Graduates of the University of the Arts, Philadelphia College of Art and Design, or the Philadelphia College of Performing Arts are entitled to a 25% discount.

School District of Philadelphia Scholarship ($250/course)

A scholarship of $250 is available for educators currently teaching in the School District of Philadelphia. Call 215.717.6006 to request this discount.  Please provide a copy of your paystub or ID card to redeem discount.

PSEA Member Discount (10%)

As a recipient of the Pennsylvania State Education Association Seal of Recognition, The Professional Institute for Educators is happy to provide a 10% discount to all PSEA members.  Please provide your member ID to redeem discount.